Monday, June 3, 2013


There are motorcycle rides and then there are motorcycle rides. To be honest, living in East Jacksonville doesn't offer too many glorious rides. If you go farther East, you ride into the Atlantic Ocean. Going West means riding through Jacksonville traffic. So from my house, the rides are basically going either due North or due South.

This past Friday, I rode "The Loop" for the first time. It is a ride going down A1A South through Stl Augustine and on to Flagler Beach then East to Ormond Beach and then North up U.S. 1. It is a spectacular ride for Florida.

You see the Atlantic Ocean and old Florida. I throughly enjoyed doing this ride. The Atlantic view is beautiful and then you ride into what Florida looked like before all these Northerns got here. Ha!

It is about 185 miles round trip from my house and took most of the day. Friday wasn't too hot and their were some cover clouds to shade all along. I went with some guy friends and we enjoyed cruising down the rode.

I plan on taking Wanda on this ride before too long. Of all the rides we have done in Florida, this one was the best. She needs to see it.

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