Monday, June 24, 2013


I don't believe in magic, at least not magic that would be considered to be mystical or supernatural. Illusions or tricks can confuse the mind and make one believe things that they ordinarily know not to be true, but illusions are not magic and magic is not real.

Or is it?

There are two sources of power and one power is far, infinitely greater than the other.

The great power is the power of God. The weaker power is satanic power, but it is limited and it is filled with lies.

God's ways are are true, righteous, holy, and just. He is faithful and full of mercy, grace, peace and joy. He doesn't trick, fool, deceive, or lie. God's nature is always true. That is His goodness.

Yet, how is it that people can be so easily deceived by satan's lies? Satan is a bait and switch guy. He never lives joy or peace. His lies always lead to death. He is the ultimate deceiver.

This past Sunday we had an illusionist share in our morning service. He told told people up front that everything he did was an illusion or trick. He said that his slight of hand was by design to get you to believe something that you otherwise wouldn't and then he related it to how satan works. It was impressive and caught people's attention.

Here is the point!

God always turns on the light. He doesn't hide truth. There is no darkness nor deception in Him. He has no reason to use illusion. He is the life giver and the light brightener.

So I will run to His light and share His light. There is only goodness found in the Lord.

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