Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Dysfunctional people live dysfunctionally. Abnormally is normal. Everything gets turned upside down and inside out. There is total inability to cope and work life out. Mole hills turn into mountains. Mountains become bigger.

How does one get dysfunctional? How about:

Physiological issues?

Chemical embalances?

Lack of discipline of feelings and desires?

Poor dieting?

Lack of sleep and proper rest?

Distortion of life and habits?

Dysfunctional upbringing?

Unleashed rage and anger?

Poor insight?


I think we're all dysfunctional to some degree. All of us get skewed in our view, approach, and evaluations? All of us fall into the trap of "stinkin' thinkin' every so often. Sometimes more than just every so often.

What is the solution? How about making needed life corrections? How about trying a calmer approach? How about getting rational and reasonable in thinking?

Through the years I have counseled many people bordering on being dysfunctional. Once, I called a psychiatrist in my church and discussed a case with him. The psychiatrist asked me to describe the man to him.

I said, "The man is not sleeping good. He is not thinking good. He is not eating good. He is not relating to others good."

The psychiatrist responded that this sounded like 90% of people!


True story.

Life is challenging enough without adding dysfunctional to the list. I think I'll work on trying to be rational more. Life goes better with calm resolutions. Yes!

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