Friday, September 28, 2012


Forty days from today we will have a National Election that will determine our future and maybe even survival. We have a President who honors Muslims more than Christians. We have a President who supports partial birth abortions. We have a President who is opposed to traditional marriage as defined as being between a man and a women. We have a President that believes that the government has the right to take from one person and give it to another. We have a President who embraces Socialism over personal freedoms and rights. We have a President who does not support Israel.

This President needs to be replaced so we can survive as a Nation and as a Christian Nation.

I am choosing to turn off TV, Internet, Radio, Newspaper sources and spend that same amount of time in prayer believing God to intervene and give us godly leaders.

Righteousness exalts and Nation, but sin is a reproach.

This President has promoted sinful and wicked ways. He is an unholy deceiver. He should be characterized as the Bible characterized leaders in the Old Testament who walked unfaithfully as wicked leaders.

That is a strong characterization, but it is true.

II Chronicles 7:14 calls on us to pray for our Nation and as we repent of our sins then God will hear and heal our Land. That is our only hope.

I fear for my children and grandchildren, but I will turn my fear into faith and pray. God answers prayer and He still loves America. Please join me daily in praying for our Nation and this election. Only God can spare us the fate and consequences of wicked leaders.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The NFL Monday Night Football game ended with a sour play, especially for the Packers. The temporary Refs ruled that the Seahawk's player caught a touchdown pass on the last play of the game that gave them the win. It was a very close call and now a hotly disputed call that has made lots of people mad. The temporary referees are filling in for the regular refs who are locked out by the NFL owners due to a contract dispute.

Now everyone is hating the temporary refs and it is getting blown way out of proportion. The play was on the evening national news last night. Unbelievable! This is national news?

Now don't get me wrong. I love football. I really love Alabama football, but this is ridiculous.

It is only a game. This isn't life or death. Who in the world will care a hoot about this a year from now.

It was only a dumb football catch.

Life needs to be put into perspective. We need to pay attention to what really matters. So what matters?
Glad you asked.

1. God matters.
2. Being saved matters.
3. Family matters.
4. Lost ones being saved matters.
5. Friends matter.
6. Friends being saved matters.
7. A lost world matters.
8. A lost world being saved matters.

There are other priorities that that follow that are way above a dumb football catch, but those eight priorities are the top and bottom lines of life.

When Noah and his family got into the ark and the rains fell, obeying the Lord and believing in God mattered. Everyone else was lost.

So, how are you doing on what really matters?

Monday, September 24, 2012


For several months Wanda had been real excited about dear friends from Bartow coming to visit us. I had been looking forward to their coming too. I was their pastor in the 80's. They are dear precious people and lots of fun.

Cindy, Sheila and Chuck, Debbie and Roger, and Sue arrived Saturday afternoon and stayed with us until after Sunday dinner. Their visit brought back wonderful memories when I was their pastor as well as Wanda's pastor. I performed Cindy and Royce's wedding. Royce had to work and couldn't come. Now they have grandkids. Wow, time flies.

It is thrilling to see all that God is doing in their lives. Sue has a powerful testimony of healing that I asked her to share in part in Sunday church.  Debbie was Wanda's hair dresser for many years. Roger loves to fish so we took him and the gang out to the Jax Beach Pier to see the fishermen. I think he'd like to come back and wet a hook or two.  Sheila and Chuck were a real blessing to Wanda in so many ways all those years she live in Bartow.

We gave them the short tour around Jacksonville from the beach to the Jacksonville Landing on the St. Johns's River downtown. Jacksonville is a neat city with a lot of things to do. I think they loved seeing some of the sights of Jacksonville.

Wanda prepared some delicious meals, desserts, and snacks. I gained weight. It was good food and great fellowship. It was the first time that we had the privilege of having any of Wanda's friends from Bartow in our home. It was just a very special time. We laughed over old stories from the past and had such a super time. Laughter is like medicine. He heals the souls and calms the mind.

Christians  can have a great time with no regrets or shame. None of us have a hang over or sad story. Life's greatest blessings are family and friends. We loved having them.

Good times!

Oh, and one more thing. They wanted to take Wanda back to Bartow with them and I said, "NO WAY!" I can't make it without her. She's special!

Friday, September 21, 2012


From my earliest remembrance, prayer has always been a part of my life. I remember praying to ask Christ into my life when I was between five or six years old. In fact that is one of my earliest memories of life. I have a few recollections of things that occurred in my life before that prayer, but they are very sketchy.

Prayer is huge. I mean we're talking about talking to God. You can't go any higher than God. When you think about that, then prayer takes another monumental leap.

I am learning more about how God wants to be involved in my life in little and big things. Nothing goes by without God taking notice. Even more than that is the incredible privilege of personal, private, one on one communication with the Supreme, Sovereign Creator of everything.

Through all these years my prayer time has included all manner of communication, at all hours, in so many varied places. Prayer should happen more than just on Sundays, or crisis moments, or times of need. God desires to have an on going dialogue.

I have found that God is an incredible listener. He listens, and listens, and listens. I am finding out that sometimes I need to be quieter in my prayer times and listen to Him. After all, who am I that He would listen to me so much. I know He cares and is more that interested, but I am learning more and more to listen. I need to hear what He has to say.

Oh, God, please help me today to listen and hear your voice and obey. Amen!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Taking a dare has consequences if you follow through with the dare. A double-dogged dare has even more serious consequences. Have you ever taken a dare. Now remember when you were a kid. We all uttered dares or took others up on dares when we were small.

Little boys were the worst. We'd double-dog dare someone to a race, or fight, or fool-hearty feat. Sometimes the dares had serious results. That isn't good.

Today I dare you to find someone who is totally unsuspecting and do a selfless, act of love. Give them an unsolicited compliment. Do a good turn for someone who cannot and will not ever repay it. Offer smiles everywhere you go.

I dare you!

Maybe we should have a "National Good Dare Day". I certainly think our politictians could use a Nations Good Dare Day. We'd be a better Nation for it.

I dare to give five compliments to a loved one who is down.
I dare you to befriend a neighbor in need.
I dare you to open doors for others today.
I dare you to pay a bill for someone in need.
I dare you to volunteer for a new task at your church.
I dare you to tell a joke to someone who needs a laugh.
I dare you shut your mouth before any unkind word comes out.
I dare you to ask God for guidance in doing His will today.

I double-dog dare you!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Someone has to listen for communication to happen. There is more to sharing than just talking. It helps to listen. Sometimes I don't do a very good job of listening. I am a preacher by calling which makes me inclined to proclaim, or preach, or teach, or talk. Preachers can talk and talk and talk.

Listening requires focus, patience, and a good measure of care. Listening puts more attention on the other party and what they consider as important. Their words become the center of attention, not yours. That raises the level of consideration and value of the other.

Love listens. It places higher importance on what is on the other's mind.

God is love and He listens.

Why don't men listen very good?

We are easily distracted. We don't multi-task very well. We need to raise the level of love. We must realize that what is important to our mate must be important to us.

Something funny happened as I started writing this blog. Wanda asked me a question and needed my attention. I listened some, but she had to repeat. She then asked me what I was writing. To be perfectly honest about it, I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I was writing on my very failure at the exact moment she was talking. I wasn't listening very well.


What did I do?

I closed the computer and listened until we had clearly communicated. She talked. I listened. I understood. I got it. Clear communication took place. That is important.

Now, here is another take a way. Pause in your prayer life. Don't talk. Focus. Wait. Be patient. God will speak. You will hear. Communication will take place. Prayer is more than asking. The better part is the listening part.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I am reading a great book by Chip Ingram entitled Good to Great in God's Eyes. It is inspiring and motivational. Some of the chapter titles are:

Think Great Thoughts
Read Great Books
Pursue Great People
Dream Great Dreams
Develop Great Habits

Develop Great Habits is the last chapter in Chip's book, but I read it first. That is a bad habit that I have. Ha!

It takes about 21 days to establish a new habit and maybe even longer to break a bad habit. All of us do things habitually. We have patterns that we repeat over and over. New things and new ways crimp our style. We get stuck in the routine. The same ole becomes same ole.

Benjamin Franklin once said that if you take all your good habits and subtract all your bad habits, the results is your contribution to society.

Some habits can't be improved like reading your Bible, or praying, or regularly attending church, or treating others the way we desire to be treated.

But we all have bad habits.

I asked my staff in our last meeting to share with us one good habit and one bad habit. It was interesting and inspiring. We all felt good about the good habits and we all felt and need and motivation to break bad ones.

I share one habit that I have lived with for probably 30 plus years. I established a personal devotional habit of making sure that I had read 5 chapters in the Bible every day before I did any sermon preparation. Why do that? Because the temptation for ministers is to read the Bible to "get" a new sermon. That leads to a professional, prideful, non-relational walk with the Lord. That is dangerous.

Oh, I have some bad habits too.

Like, eating too fast, or watching too much football, or tending to put off doing things I don't like. I am working on all of those, well, except football. After all, it is football season, and Alabama is # 1.

Roll Tide!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Wanda and I were headed to church early  this past Saturday for a special work day. We left just in time to be on time, but got down the road when Wanda said she had brought two different shoes. She had gotten into the car wearing flip flops but was going to change into a pair of tennis shoes. The problem was she had hurriedly pick up two different shoes.

I thought silently, "Well, you could just wear them." But I didn't say it. I was quietly, silently aggravated.

Then she said, "I'd wear them, but they are both left footed shoes."

That broke the aggravation. We laughed hard. I turned around and rushed back to get a right foot shoe for her to wear. Then we headed to church to work. It was a great day.

Here is the deal. None of us are perfect, but we see the flaws of others clearer than we see our own flaws.

On Tuesday I headed for church and work and left my cell phone at home. That may sound small and simple, but here is the point. It was aggravating and hindered my work. I use the IPhone throughout the day because of all the info and data it contains.

Kindness and mercy is a good gift to give. It helps to laugh at life's little flub ups. They are inevitable for all of us. I am really glad my aggravation didn't show or even worse that I didn't say something really smart to Wanda about her tennis shoe flub up. It helps in life if we build up our grace account with others so that when we need some grace our account isn't overdrawn.

Real love doesn't get upset over two left shoes.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Well it is football season in full swing. Alabama is #1, but the Jags are losing again already. They had victory snatched by the jaws of defeat. With 20 seconds left in regulation, they went up by 3 points with a miraculous pass for a touchdown only to let the opposing team (The Vikings) tie it and then win it in overtime.


What a bummer!

I danced a premature jig when they went up by 3 and then slumped in sadness when they lost in overtime.

It was a missed opportunity.

Everbank, one of their sponsors, has a commercial they have planned far too many times about missed opportunities. It features a TV exec who laughs at a proposal for a channel for music. He laughs and says, "Why not a weather channel or food channel or sports channel?" Of course all of those channels are big time now. That was a missed opportunity by the exec.

Yes, the Jags missed one big opportunity, but there are far larger missed opportunities in life than losing a football game.

Like missing the chance to offer a good word.
Or forgiving someone.
Or doing a good deed.
Or praying for someone.
Or sharing the Gospel.

I wonder how many missed opportunities I have had. God help me to be more sensitive to His voice and the needs of others.

And God help the Jags. They really need it.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I have only watched a few moments of the recent Deomcratic Convention. It is hard to stomach their support of abortion, gay rights, and socialism. Now they are on record of officially booing God. Yes, sadly it is so. They loudly booed the inclusion of God in their platform.

God is not a Republican or Democrat but the Democrats have gone to an all time low. They have applauded a whoremonger who introduced and nominated their candidate and they have booed God.

I wonder what God thinks of all this?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wanda and I are spending most of this week in prayer seeking the Lord for His guidance, will, and blessing over our lives and family. I believe there are answers to prayer that are on the way. Waiting on God provides far greater results than waiting in any other place in life such as doctor's offices, banks, or certainly red lights. Yet, we wait endlessly in those settings.

I am praying Jabez's prayer over my life and family. God will answer. I know He will.
See I Chronicles 4: 9-10.

There is much to do but prayer is the beginning of success. Without it I surely will fail.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Work is a good habit. It is productive. It is ego boosting. It completes tasks. It is a promised part of life.

The Bible notes, no worky, no eaty!

Well, that is not exactly how it reads, but it does say that if one is not willing to work then they should not eat by handouts . How is that for eliminating the need for welfare. I know that there are times when people need a helping hand, but there is a huge difference from a hand out and a helping hand.

My first small tasks were making my bed, putting clothes in the clothes hamper, and washing cars. That progressed to cutting the yard, cleaning the church, and working as a deliveryman for a furniture company. I have worked on construction sites, washing dishes at the college cafeteria, serving as a librarian, working in the credit department at Sears, as a youth intern, youth pastor, school teacher, pastor, traveling evangelist, denominational leader, and probably some other jobs too.

I will admit I have worked for pay. The workman is worthy of his hire the Bible teaches. I have also worked to follow what I have felt God was calling me to do regardless of pay. I still have vision, desire, and burden to preach and lead a church. That is my calling.

Completed tasks make for a good feeling. Completed tasks make you feel productive and that you have personal value.

Wanda has a "to do" list on her IPad for me that automatically carries over into my IPad and IPhone. These are household items or her "Honey Do" list. There are several items on that list right now, but I have completed some of the tasks that she has for me. Of course there are many tasks that we share that are not on the list.

I created a "To Do" list on my IPad that goes to her's. It is titled "Wanda's To Do List". Want to know what is on it? Just one "To Do" item. It simply says: Keep a Smile on Milton's Face. Ha!

Work is what life is all about. That is the nature of life. There will always be work to do. It's Labor Day, so let's celebrate the day and the privilege and ability to work.

I've got a smile on my face. How about you?