Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Thank you Lord for the rain, but what can you do on a rainy day?

Read, pray, study, plan, dream, or uh, maybe take a nap are a few things I like to do on rainy days. I like soup and hot coffee and soft music or a good movie on rainy days. I like the change of pace and the brief break that rainy days bring.

I don't like having to drive in it. Or wade around while making necessary stops. I don't like not being able to take a run or go for a walk, but I do like the fact that yard work gets put off.

We need rain to wash the air and cleanse the environment. Flowers perk up, and grass gets greener when it rains. My car gets a free car wash. The air smells fresh. It gets cooler. Sometimes there are rainbows that brighten the thoughts of future.

We need spiritual rain too. God promised the rain of the Holy Spirit. Oh, what a refresher that is. It cleans the soul, and purifies the heart. It renews the mind, and steadies the walk. It opens our eyes to Jesus. It makes His Word alive. It fills you with love. It points to a clearer path.

I need the rain of the Holy Spirit. Come today, Lord, and water my soul. Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up to you.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Today we salute those who serve our Nation and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free. We are free because others paid the price. Freedom is never free. Someone always pays. Thank you to all our veterans both past and present.

My father is being honored today in the Senior Adult Park where he and mom live. He is the oldest living veteran in their park and they are presenting him an American flag that flew over the Capital in Washington on his birthday. Dad served in the U.S. Navy during WWII in Pensacola, Fl. He served honorably and is part of the greatest generation. We are so proud of him and grateful for his serving our Nation.

When I see a U.S. service personnel from any branch of our military, I try to let them know we appreciate their serving. They keep America free. Thank God for everyone of them both at home and abroad.

I have a nephew, Jeremy Welborne, who is a U.S. Marine. He is training in California close to San Diego, California. He is becoming quite a man. He is a Marine. Enough said! They are putting him through his paces. I try to pray daily for him and remember all of our servicemen. They at least deserve our prayers.

Hundreds of thousands have died fighting in our military. Their blood purchased our freedom. Today we honor them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I went to the last Jacksonville City Council Meeting this past Tuesday night. A major part of the agenda was to hear public opinion on a gay anti-discrimination ordinance. When I arrived, the line to get into the building was out the door, across the street, and into a park. It took some time just to get into the room with some 400+ plus people and even more in an over-flow room.

I estimate that less than 30 of those present were opposed to the ordinance. Most in the room were openly gay, cross-gender, or transvestite. You can only imagine the  spirit, or shall I say, unholy spirit that was in the room.

They appealed for hours to the councilpersons to approve their request. Please see my last blog for my opinion. There were tears, self-pity, and much mis-information being offered.

I cannot tell you how many men there were dressed as women or women dressed as men. You couldn't tell for some until they spoke. Then you could hear a man's voice coming from someone who liked like a women or a women's voice from someone who looked like a man.

They ridiculed anyone who spoke against them. Several times the chairperson hammered his gavel. Once, he threatened to clear the room. Finally, they listened, but a vile spirit was in the room.

There were only six to ten that spoke against the ordinance. I would have, but wasn't able due to not being able to get into the room in time. I had spoken with the mayor's office and spoken personally with my councilman. He was so grateful for my support.

When I left, I had to go to a parking garage for my car. There were two men dressed in women's dresses walking up the same garage. Both were vile, swearing, railing, and angrily mocking our city or anyone who would dare deprive their "rights". It was vile and vulgar.

How did America come to this? How did we reach a point where ungodliness would be applauded, supported, and desired?

This must be the last days. Jesus must surely be coming soon.

Late into the night I prayed for our City and Nation. May God have mercy on America.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


To be gay means different things than it did when I was a boy. Then it meant to be happy, to be in a good mood, to feel light, bright, or cheerful, Today it means something far different to some. It is an attempt to turn something perverse and un-natural into an acceptable, norm of lifestyle. I won't even dignify this modern usage of such a good word by defining it in contemporary definition. 

I will simply say that it is sad.

Now, our city is being pushed to "normalize" a despicable,  lifestyle that has been rejected by all mankind for all time. Somehow, now we are forced to close our minds, hearts, and souls to a lifestyle that leads to eternal damnation. 

How can this be.

Last night I attended a City Council meeting to consider a new city ordinance that would include "sexual orientation", "gender identity" or "expression" as a part of the city's anti-discrimination laws. 

Here are the problems with such an ordinance:

1. What does "sexual orientation" mean? Does it mean sexual relations with anyone, anything, or any animal? What does "gender expression" mean"? Can anyone act out any form or manner of sexual manifestation, act, or thought?

2. Why give "special rights" for behavior? What other "behaviors should be included? What if a minority press for sexual liberty with children, would that "sexual orientation" be given safety to be lived out?

3. Who gets to define all these possible "sexual orientations" or "expressions" or "identities"?

4. Why does our city have to write new law based on behavior in its anti-discrimination laws?

5. Why should our children, youth, and adults have to be brought under constant watch to not view unacceptable behavior?

6. What makes people think that some have been "enlightened" to a false new, "normal" of sexual behavior that has been deemed inappropriate for all mankind?

7. Why does anyone really believe that it is acceptable to include "behavior" as a proper norm for inclusion into anti-discrimination laws? A person cannot change their race, color, or nationality. Behavior is a matter of choice. Color of skin, race, or nationality are not a choice and cannot be changed. 

8. And what about sin? Sin kills, destroys, and rots. Homosexuality and lesbianism are both clearly sin in the Bible.

9. We are a Nation founded under God and the Judeo/Christian ethic. That has not changed.

10. No society, race, or culture has ever survived living a un-restrained, immoral lifestyle. 

I write this with grave concern for the City of Jacksonville as well as our Nation. May God have mercy.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Here are five short easy steps to become an atheist.

1. Ignore Logic

2. Ignore Creation

3. Ignore Prophetic History

4. Ignore God's Goodness

5. Ignore Jesus Knocking at Your Door

Does ignore come from ignorant or does ignorant come from ignore? To ignore vital facts and truth is ignorant and foolish. Maybe that is why God said that the fool said in his heart there is no God.

Atheist ask to prove there is a God. My question is can you prove there is no God.

Can you have a garden without a gardener?

I don't think so. Then why would so many want to remove God from any place of recognition?

A church sign included this message: God doesn't believe in atheists, therefore atheists do not exist.

That is a poke at atheists who deny God. The fact is their unbelief doesn't eliminate the fact. He exists. The heavens declare His glory. He lives in my heart. I heard His knock and I opened the door. He is alive.

Friday, May 18, 2012


While Wanda and I were away this week for our annual state meeting of the denomination we serve, we had a jolting, yet funny experience. We had checked into our hotel on Monday afternoon in time to relax a few moments and then get ready for the first meeting that evening.

She briefly left the room to get a snack and check out the pool. I was left behind watching some TV. After a few moments had passed, I heard the door opening assuming it was Wanda. I was wrong!

There at the door stood Rick, my sister Patricia's husband, entering with his own key into what he thought was his own room.


Wanda called out to him just as he was opening the door asking where he was going or something like that. She said this was our room. "Sure," he laughed in response.

About that time, I got off the bed and said "Hi" to him.

Boy was he shocked! Boy was I even more shocked!

What are the chances that out of all the hotels in that area that they would stay where we were staying and that they would be given a key to the same room we sere staying?


We all had a laugh and then couldn't get over how all that happened.

I learned years ago to always knock when first going into my hotel room. I have opened the door to a room that already had guests. Wow! That is a good way to get embarrassed, or worse, shot!

So here is the take-a-way. Knock and then enter hotel rooms.

It was funny, but shockinly funny.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Meet! Meet! Meet! Talk! Talk! Talk! Yak! Yak! Yak!

Same ole stuff. More and More. Over and Over! Been there! Done that!

After 40 years of ministry, I have gone to more meetings than I can count. This week is our annual state district council meeting. I have attended 40 of those as a minister and even more as a child with my father. Then I have gone to 20 different bi-annual general council meetings all over America and even more including again as a child.  Then there are monthly minister's meetings all those years. Then weekly staff meetings and all kinds of other conferences and church meetings and revivals and then counseling sessions and more other kinds of meetings.

Now you know why the first couple of sentences were written. Do I like any of it. Well, yes I do. Some, admittedly is repetition and boring. Sometimes I wonder why we have to go on and on and on.

But, I do like seeing my minister buddies. I do like the combined synergy. I have been encouraged along the way. I believe I have encourage some others too.

So, I'll keep going. It is the thing to do. We're at another one now. I hope it will be good.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday, Wanda and I team spoke for Sunday morning church and Mother's Day. This was her first time to speak in a Sunday church service. She prepared all week and we worked together on the sermon. We spent time praying together for God's guidance and wisdom in what to share.

Team speaking is challenging as all speakers have to get on the "same page". I felt directed to the story of Deborah in The Book of Judges. She had some thoughts too, and as the week progressed we felt common direction. It is an interesting story of a woman who led Israel during a crisis time. Deborah was a multi-tasker in that she performed many jobs and several of them simultaneously. That is common to women.

Men are not very good at multi-tasking. We are logic based, focused on the moment, and don't notice too many other things around us when we're committed to a task. Women have many wires running all around in their brains. Men live in one box at a time. At least that is what Mark Gungor says. I agree.

Wanda did a great job encouraging the ladies on how to be successful in all their duties as multi-taskers. She does it well. She is a hard working, committed wife, mother, grandmother, and pastor's wife. I give her A+. Ladies work is from dawn to dusk and everything in between.

One hilarious but pointed statement she made to men was, "Men, suck it up and help around the house." I think she got that from Hezekiah 2:4. Ha! She had me rolling and got lots of Amens from the ladies, needless to say.

We had fun speaking together, and I think she did a fantastic job.

When we got home, I asked her if she wanted to speak again next Sunday. She said, "NO!" I think she saw how much it takes to speak. She would do great again. I am sure.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Words seem so small when talking about how much your mother means to you. I am thankful that my mother is still with us. I talk with her several times each week. She is such a blessing.

She is selfless, serving, and spiritual. She loves my father and my siblings and has always been there for us. She has always honored God and worked to advance His Kingdom. She led me to Jesus and taught me how to live a victorious Christian life.

When all of her kids were small, she would sew and make beautiful dresses for my sisters. She didn't make much for me, but I remember shirts that she made and a few other things. Those clothes stand out in my mind more than all the "store bought" ones. They were made by loving hands.

She loved all of us kids enough to teach, train, and discipline us. Once she pinched me in church when I wasn't doing right. Ouch, that hurt. I think I blurted out loud, "Don't pinch me, that hurt." I think that led to more correction when we got home. Ha! I needed it!

I love her delicious pound cakes and fried chicken. Wow! What a treat! I can smell the aroma right now. She would always make a cake on Sunday afternoon that we would enjoy before and after church and then into the first of the week.

Thank you Mom for always being there for us, for loving us, for all of your kind acts. I am grateful you are my Mother.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


God gives dreams with eternal purpose. Joseph in the Old Testament had a dream, and in God's timing it came true. It took perseverance  and faith for the dream to turn into reality, but it happened.

Significant dreams don't happen easily. The bigger the dream means that often is followed by bigger challenges. That has been my experience. Dreams give reason. They give purpose. They produce blessings. That is if they are dreams sent from God.

What do you do when your dreams are attacked or dashed? Giving up is not an option, if they are dreams from heaven. You have to look to God again. Listen to His voice. Let Him renew and refocus. Then it is time to move forward and try again.

I chuckled when I read a devotional recently that included a cute funny with a message. It goes like this:

There was once a college student who rode his bike all over campus with a tee-shirt with the message that read, "I am going to be a doctor." On the bike was a sign that also had a message, "I am going to be a Mercedes."

Ha! I like that. You gotta have a dream.

God's dreams have purpose. He has a higher, greater plan. I want His dreams. I am willing to work through His strength to see them turn into reality.

Monday, May 7, 2012


My IPhone apps are working. I have now officially lost ten pounds. I weighed Sunday morning before breakfast and it is a fact. I am ten pounds lighter. Boy, did I ever feel proud. That isn't much by some standards, but for me it is huge.

Last week I watched a TV program where one of the contestants lost over 190 pounds. Now that is losing weight. He lost as much as I weigh. I hope to lose 12 more pounds so I have some work to do yet.

How is it happening? It is all about right portions of right food coupled with right exercise. That will work every time.

Oh, one more thing. I drink water, lots of water. No cokes. No tea, well, maybe a little ice tea every so often. I am still a Southerner, so I will take a tea all along. But I am not drinking much.

What is the point. It is about good health, good living, and long life. It is about being my best for Jesus. It is about making every day count. So, I am trying. I've lost ten pounds. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Well, it is working. I am losing that excess wait. You've read the iPhone Apps that I am using, but it is requires more than mere technology to lose the wait. It requires putting the fork down and making sure that when you pick it up that you eat the right stuff.

It takes will power. Sweat. Effort. Hunger. It requires discipline to exercise and workout. I don't get enough physical exercise in my daily routines to burn enough calories so I have to run, walk, and do strength exercises. That takes some major effort and time.

Here is the good news. It is working.

I am slimming down and losing inches around my belly. My muscles are toning up. I feel stronger. I feel better. Yay!

I have lost about 7 pounds with another 15 pounds to go. I am eating under 1500 calories each day and working out burning another 400 or so off the 1500. My total calorie intake is averaging around 1200 or so after accounting for the burned calories through exercise.

I only have one body, one brain, two legs, two arms and hands, and one belly. Sometimes I would like to have a second belly that is portable. Ha!

Life is short and when I visit all these sickly folks in the hospital it makes me realize even more that I need to take care of my one body. I won't get another one in this life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have another new app for my IPhone called MapMyRun.  MapMyRun uses the GPS to keep a record of my walks, runs, or jogs so that I can better determine how much exercise I am getting. It will chart my workouts and keep a log for reference. It will also record how fast I walk or run and gives updates as I am running or walking to let me know how far I have gone and the pace I am going. It actually paints a map of my run.

I have used it twice and both times, once while running and another while walking, it would let me know by voice that I had gone a mile and also how fast. Amazing! It talks to me.

It is really neat. Sometimes I like to go different routes for specific distances, but I am not sure how far the route would be. With this, I can keep an up-to-the-minute voice record and screen record for me of my distance and time. Amazing, again!

It lets me know how many calories I have burned and has numerous nutrition features. I don know that I will be using all the features, but it has a lot of neat ones. Most of it is done automatically with me only starting and stopping the device.

Another feature is that it records actually elevation differences as I jog, run, or walk. That gives input to how much energy is being used. Amazing again!

But you know what? This isn't a fraction of the info and facts that the Lord keeps up with me on a daily basis. He knows every detail, thought, and action. He knows the number of hairs on my head and every cell in my body.

The Lord knows where I am going before I go there. He keeps record of what I do there when I get there. He knows everything.

He knows all that and still loves me. I like that.