Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Egoism and selfishness go hand in hand. They are kin. They feed off each other. They are in stark contrast to humility and generosity. The fact is that all of us struggle with the two.

I heard a story of a man in church who once was honored for his humility. Sadly, the church had to take back his award as he became too proud and self-centered.

Ha! Not good.

How does ego and selfishness manifest?

Recently in our devotional time, this issue was addressed in the book Wanda and I are reading. The primary illustration centered around who we talk about. Are we willing to listen to others? Do we ask questions of interest of others? Are we concerned about their story? Their hurt? Their trial? Their triumph?

Too often I find myself enjoying telling my story, my experiences, my issues and spending too much time on my stuff rather than listening, receiving, caring. God is patient to listen and care about every part of our lives. He never turns a deaf hear. We should emulate God's character and manner.

Oh God help me and save me from me. Help me to see and hear others. Free me of ego and self.


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