Monday, June 10, 2013


This past weekend I took a couple of classes on outdoor dutch oven cooking with coals. It was fascinating and the food was delicious! The class was offered as part of a training seminar for our boys program at our church. This program specializes in camping so there were numerous classes offered to make camping more enjoyable.

Wanda and I camp several times during the year when the weather is right, no rain and not too hot or too cold. The cooking has become primarily my chore. She does assist with some dishes and helps get the food items together. The outdoor cooking is some of the fun part of camping. A campfire makes camping, and good food cooked on a campfire or outdoors is what it is all about.

The presenter of the dutch oven class was a gourmet chef. He knew his stuff. I was amazed at all his little tricks and ways. Cooking requires good meat and food items and fire and pots and pans. It also requires some know-how. This guy, Wayne, knew how to make it happen.

He cooked cowboy stew, chicken cacciatore, pork chops, peach cobbler, pineapple upside down cake, monkey bread, and a few other dishes.


He was from Georgia and said he grew up in the country where they often cooked outdoors. He has also taken culinary  classes. I was amazed at his skill cooking over coals. He knew how to make the ingredients come together, how to have the proper heat, how to make sure the heat was even, and what pots to use.

Now I have to go invest in some dutch oven dishes and give it a whirl. Amazing!

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