Wednesday, June 26, 2013


From the beginning of our marriage, Wanda and I have prayed daily with each other and shared in a devotional time of reading God's Word. It is our morning ritual with few exceptions. If we ever miss a day, which is rare, then the next day we pick up and start again. This adds power to our relationship and marriage and everything we do.

Whenever there is a need one of us have, then the other prays for that need. Whatever common or family needs we have, we pray together over them. We pray for our children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, friends, church family, Nation, and neighbors.

I cannot tell you how many times our devotional reading for the morning spoke exactly to what we were facing for the day. There have been specific issues that we were dealing with that our devotion spoke to and gave encouragement, guidance, wisdom, and correction. It is amazing.

How valuable is this time we spend together?

I would say it is the most valuable time we spend together on any day. What could be more important than waiting on God together? Or praying together? Or praying over the issues of the day?


Of course I have other study and devotional times that are private and so does Wanda. That is when God speaks to me personally for me as well as to Wanda.

That renews us so we can face the day and do His will. It strengthens us so we can better serve and help others. It is a power source beyond any other source.

Why am I emphasizing this now?

Maybe it will encourage someone to renew their prayer and devotional time with their spouse and family. Maybe it will be a difference maker in someone's future.

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  1. So interesting that you would post this today, Milton. The sermon at our church last Sunday convicted me about my private quiet time. Like you and Wanda, my husband and I read the Bible and pray together every weekday morning, but my personal quiet time has been too hit-or-miss. This just confirmed the conviction I felt Sunday to pick and time and place and meet God there alone every morning. Thank you.