Friday, February 26, 2010


Wednesday I wrote about the book Have a New Husband by Friday written by Dr. Kevin Leman which Wanda has been reading. The book is not for husbands, but it is written to offer instruction on how to please your guy and put a smile on his face.

After reading Leman's book, I thought that I would write a Top Ten Countdown on how to have a new wife by Thursday. Granted, I am thoroughly pleased with my wife, and actually she is a new wife. However, I do want to keep a smile on her face too.

So here's my list and I am trying to do each one.

Remember. Happy Wife/Happy Life. This list certainly will help keep Wanda happy if I practice what I am preaching.

Top Ten Countdown to Have a New Wife by Thursday.

10. Cherish her.
9. Tell her that she is the most important person in your life.
8. Treat her as if she truly is the most important person in your life.
7. Find out what she loves and then give her what she loves.
6. Say sweet and kind things about her to others when she can hear you say them.
5. Listen to her with all distractions laid aside.
4. Touch her in romantic but non-sexual ways. Hold her hand, put your arm around her. Open the car door for her.
3. Never use harsh tones or unkind words. Talk tenderly to her.
2. Make time for her and her alone.
1. Open up your mouth and talk. Share words about your life without having them drug out of you. Think about what your are going to say and multiply them by 100.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A couple weeks back Wanda asked me to check and see if I the library had a book she wanted to read. She had seen it in a book store and I go to the library generally once a week. She was hoping to save a few bucks by not having to buy the book.

"What is the name of the book," I asked?

Wanda said, "How to Get a New Husband by Friday."

I paused and quizzed her, "Is there something going on here I need to know?" In a few weeks we will celebrate our first anniversary and I was taken back by the book she wanted me to get for her.

She laughed and shared, "It is not about you. It is a book that tells women how to treat their husbands."

"Oh, I guess that is ok," I responded.

Well, I got the book and she has been reading it and I like the results. The book actually says that you can have a new husband by Wednesday if you work at it.

How do you get a new husband by Friday? Here is the summation giving by Dr. Leman's The Top Ten Countdown to Having a New Husband by Friday:

10. Respect what he says.
9. Tell him how important he is in your life.
8. Tell him how much you need him in your life.
7. Pursue him.
6. Don't correct him or make fun of him, especially in front of other.
5. Don't talk down to him. He's your husband, not your child (even if he acts like it sometimes.)
4. Touch him physically. One caress can last a long time and will really get his attention.
3. Say nice things about him and to him. (Good gossip about your guy is like an emotional hug.)
2. Eliminate the words why, never and always from your vocabulary.
1. Think about what you're going to say and divide it by ten.

Now that is a great top ten list. Wanda already lives by this list and she is getting a new husband all along. We both know that life is too short not to make every day a great day.


I am working on a Top Ten Countdown to have a New Wife by Thursday and by Tuesday if you really work hard. Got any suggestions?

Monday, February 22, 2010


I posted a picture Saturday on Facebook of Wanda and me with our motorcyle taking a joy ride up to Georgia. Several friends rode with us as we stopped at various little towns and took in the sights and sounds of sleepy South Georgia.

A few years back I would have never dreamed that I would ever ride a motorcycle much less own one, but here I am with the wind in my face enjoying the sunshine.

But, motorcycling has dangers and they must not be ignored. I have taken a safety course and plan on taking more. Right now I am reading two great books on motorcycling safety. They are great reads. Of course, we pray before riding as I often do before driving my car.

My motorcycle is bright, fire engine red which makes it more visible. But with all my efforts there is still a large margin of err for an accident.

I believe in marginalizing risks, but this is one I will live with for now.

Look around and see if there are some areas of life that you could use more care. Maybe in dieting? Maybe in what your are watching on TV? Maybe negative thinking? Maybe an unforgiving spirit?

Whatever, life does require that some care and attention be given. So be careful.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Through the years I have had the privilege of working with some incredible people. God's people are the best. I began my ministry as a youth pastor working with Dr. Robert Spence, an then went into pastoral ministry for approximately 20 years. Then I was asked by Rev. Gordon Matheny to oversee church planting in the Pen Florida District. For 9 years or so I helped start 100 churches across the State of Florida.

Gorden Matheny was an amazingly gifted and faithful servant of the Lord. He was a delight to work with and a great minister. He was serious about the things of the Lord, but he kept a sense of humor and could be a barrel of fun.

He kidded me unmercifully and once I commented to him that I had heard that when you tease someone it often means that you like them. With a twinkle in his eye He responded, "I wouldn't count on that."

We traveled literally thousands of miles together across the State of Florida and ministered in large and small churches and had countless meetings. Those were so fun years and hold many precious memories.

On Wednesday morning around 7 AM, my friend went to be with the Lord. He will be missed, but he has joined many others in heaven who are dear to me.

His memorial service will be in Tampa this Sunday evening. I will pay my respects to a great man who touched literally thousands of lives for Jesus.

Gordon Matheny was a great man.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Getting back in shape is tough.

Thankfully through the years I have exercised regularly by playing tennis, jogging, biking, and doing sit-ups and pushups, yard work, and other various forms of exercise which have all helped me stay somewhat within the suggested weight rage for my height and age. But the last couple of years I have let that slide and now I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life!

So what to do?

I went on a Daniel fast the first three weeks as the year began by leaving off sugar, sweets, breads, meats, and drank only water. The problem with that is Wanda cooked some incredible meatless meals and I didn't lose much weight. The good news is that I stopped gaining.

Now, I am watching my diet, staying off sugars, and adding some exercise.

We have three different exercise tapes that we slide into the media player of our TV and we'll do anywhere from one to three miles of walking, stretching, and using a stretch band. The stretch band adds to the workout and develops the muscles while getting a great cardiovascular workout. It has been too cold to get aside early in the morning so we have been working out inside with the exercise tapes.

I hope to lose 15 to 20 pounds in the next few weeks and get back into better shape. They say a habit takes three weeks to form and I found that to be true in the tree week Daniel fast. After three weeks of leaving off sugars and desserts, habit patterns began to develop that are setting in as a permanent lifestyle.

Oops, I did slip over the Valentine weekend as Wanda made a peanut-butter pie. Wow! Double Wow!

If I don't lose the weight now, then when?

So I am huffing and puffing and blowing the fat away.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Valentine's Day is over, but I trust love is still in the air at your house.

Yes, I treated Wanda to a very special Valentine's Day with roses, a card, and gifts. Guys have it easier in the gift selection department. You can never go wrong with flowers, cards, jewelry, or chocolate. Of course you can also buy jewelry and then maybe you might try buying some more jewelry. They always like that.

But what do you do for a guy for Valentine's Day?

How about a delicious gourmet dinner?

Or a sweet card is good.


Or maybe a ornament for his desk at work?

Well, Wanda treated me to wonderful Valentine Day too. We had a fabulous first Valentine's Day as a married couple with a gourmet dinner and more. How do you like the smooching motorcycle couple she bought for me. And, look. They are riding red motorcycles. That's my favorite motorcycle color.

Red. Isn't that a Valentine color too?

Friday, February 12, 2010


Have you checked the temperature lately? When was it ever this cold in Florida?

How cold is it?

It is too cold to ride motorcycles.
It is too cold for Al Gore to show his head.
It is too cold for environmental nuts to tell the truth.
It is too cold for birds to stop in Miami.
It is so cold I saw someone chisel their dog off a lamp-post.
It is so cold that when you light a candle that the flame freezes.
It is so cold that your shadow freezes to the sidewalk.
It is so cold that you have to open the fridge to heat the house.

So much for the theory of global warming.

But I still love living in Florida. How cold is it in Washington D.C.?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Change is the one constant in life, but not all change is good. I find that new things, new ways of doing things, and even change of scenery can give life a boost. But what about changes that lead to setbacks or unjustified hardships?

Change has become a buzz word in society. Change in politics, morality, policies, and economics are all around us. Some are good and many are bad. That is life. I like the changes and amazing upgrades in communications through the Internet and computers. My MacBook and Iphone are super tools. Of course I am thankful that we are not living in the horse and buggy days. But there is more to change than just getting newer fancier toys or riding in a luxury car or a hi-tech Goldwing motorcycle.

Maybe it is time to take a clearer look at what the consequences of change will bring. Maybe change without a clear order, definition, or focused view should be viewed with a little scrutiny. I am for positive steps forward, but I can't go along with living with blindfolded eyes.

Yes, God is always doing a new thing, but He is also the same......

Maybe a pause in our Nation is in order. Maybe it is time to find the good of the past. Maybe not all change is good.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Boring doesn't get it in my book. Life should be exciting. Preaching should be passionate. Each day should have meaning.

You want your life to count, but.....

What about boring times of life when the routine, mundane, everyday activities call for our attention? Some people have faith only when excitement is in the air, or when a miracle a minute is happening.

But life has boring moments that can even turn into months.

Like emptying the dishwasher. What could be more boring?

Or making the bed? Or putting dirty clothes up and later washing them?

Or listening to crabby people?

Or long distance driving over flat, plain terrain?

Or shaving every morning? Or taking out the garbage? Or the many other constant, repetitive duties that keep pressing into our lives?

Moses certainly had some boring times in the desert. Joseph took a tour in a pit. Job watched as life turned into loss. David slept with stinking sheep. John the Baptist dieted on locusts. Paul took a cruise on a sinking ship.

The list of boring, trying, trials is long in the Bible. Yet, how we handled the commonplace, disliked, thankless task will either propel us forward or lead to disaster.

Boring is a daily duty determining our destiny. Can you succeed in boring?

Friday, February 5, 2010


I was working in our church conference room with the door open on my while MacBook computer writing an article. A short project turned into several minutes and then longer. Just as I was finishing, a young teenager passed by the door and greeted me.

"Cool," he said, "I like your white computer."

"It is a MacBook," I responded, "I really enjoy it."

As he left the office area, I smiled at the thought of the reference to being called cool. I was up to speed in a fast changing pace of life. Relevance in a speeding world takes intentional effort. For a brief moment I felt I had passed the test.

Just cool.

I know toys, MacBooks, Iphones, or Ipads, or other things don't really make you "cool," but I liked the thought anyhow.

I want to be relevant but with a real message and lifestyle.

Sage, but hip.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wednesday night Wanda and I went to the final service of the Annual Pastor's Conference of First Baptist Church here in Jacksonville. From all I hear, it is a fantastic conference. I usually catch one or two of the evening services which feature outstanding speakers from across America.

They also have one of the greatest music departments in the Nation and the last night they present a grand finale. Oh my, you should hear it.

Tuesday night Pastor Jim Cymbala from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in New York City was the speaker. His message was simple but powerful as he spoke on prayer. I was challenged again to turn up my personal prayer efforts as well as challenge my church to greater, more intense prayer.

At the end of the message, Pastor Cymbala called for all pastors and ministers who felt a greater need for to have a fresh touch of God for prayer to come forward. Immediately from all parts of the church, literally hundreds came forward. He then led them in prayer and called for them to pray for one another. That great church was turned into one powerful prayer meeting. It was awesome!

Here is a brief sample of some of Tuesday night's music. The music and worship at First Baptist was just fantastic. Just think how great heaven will be. The worship around the throne will be beyond what tongue can tell. It will all be about Jesus.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Sunday evening Wanda and I went to another banquet. I wonder how many banquets I have attended through the years? This one was an awards banquet for the boys in Royal Rangers, a boys program in our church.

This banquet was well attended, and it was thrilling to see each of the guys from pre-school all the way into high school receive their achievement awards. Moms and dads were so proud of the guys, and rightfully so. You could easily see the excitement and pride of the boys as the awards were handed out.

Sitting around our table at the banquet were two families who had been brought into the church by this outreach arm. One little guy told his neighbor about the program and now the neighbor boy and his father regularly attend our church. They were all sitting at our table.

Sitting next to me was my wife, Wanda, who had gone to church with her children years ago through a similar outreach ministry for girls. Wanda and Jim, her first husband, came to the Lord through their children. I had the privilege of leading both of them to the Lord, and now Wanda is my wonderful wife.

It is amazing how life works out. You never know how life will change and how God will arrange things totally different than you could ever imagine.

The banquet Sunday evening was a fun event. I sat there in awe of God's providential guiding hand in my life.