Friday, June 29, 2012




The Supreme Courting ruling yesterday on Federal taxed health care shows that more and more people are being pushed to trust in government. So my question is what will the next leap of power and rights will the government take? What else will we be forced to bow to?

I have paid taxes all my adult life. I have also paid social security taxes all my life. Social Security is almost bankrupt. Our government is almost bankrupt. And, now they tell me that they are going to managing health care? What a joke!

Now the government is going to direct our doctors and how we are to be treated.

Here is the deal.

Look what happened in Arizona this past week when the Federal Government turned on the State of Arizona after the Supreme Court upheld Arizona right to check for citizenship. That is a clue how things will go in our health care. If you don't do what they (Federal Government) say, then they'll turn on you. They did it to Arizona and they'll do it to you or me too.

So, what do we do?

We put our trust in God.

God raises rulers and he lowers rulers. It is time to again trust in God and believe that He will work on our behalf.

And one more thing. The November Elections are coming. I am trusting and praying that wicked, ungodly leaders will fall.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There are eyes watching. They see where you go, hear what you say, follow where you go. There is no hiding from these eyes. They are eyes that love and learn and imitate. They see. They do. They are following you.

That has become very real again to me this week with our grands here. They love their Nana and Papa. Little Cole wants to do what Papa does. When Papa goes running. Cole wants to run. When Papa works out, Cole wants to work out. He is ever imitating me.

We are having a great time with these little ones. I love having them in our home, and more grands on coming. It will be great, but they are all watching and following.

I am sure that Cole and Paige imitate their parents even more. You can see it in their actions, their speech, and their interests.

We are all role models to someone. I doubt any of us have any idea how many sets of eyes are watching us. Obviously our eyes should be on Jesus, but Jesus is easier seen in the lives of real people who claim to be His followers.

Lord, help me today to be a better follower of you. May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you for you are my Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.


Monday, June 25, 2012


Summer is officially in full swing at our house. The first "batch" of grandkids have arrived. We're keeping Cole and Paige as Mark and Tara, their parents, are off for a week long missions trip to Nicaragua. They'll be here a week. Then a few days break and more arrive.

The really BIG news is that Jennifer and her family are moving from Puerto Rico to Tampa, FL. They arrive the first week of July for GOOD. For over 13 years or so they have lived in San Juan, but now they'll become Floridians like the rest of us. I can't wait.

We haven't seen Jennifer and her precious family for a year. That is one long, long, long year. That is too long not to be able to hug grandkids. I told Wanda Sunday morning that I couldn't believe that we won't have to plan trips to PR any more. No more searching and searching on the Internet for cheap tickets. No more waiting for the "next" trip South.

All of our grands should be by here at one time or another. We love it. Last summer, Wanda had all of them paint bird houses that line our back yard. This summer they will be make concrete stones with handprints or footprints and their names on each stone that will line the back yard too. That way we can look out the back windows to see their handiwork and remember them all year long.

Wanda will be busy, busy cooking, cleaning, and occupying the grands. I'll help too. We probably make the zoo, hand's on museum, beach, movies, bike rides, camping, long walks, games, cookouts, and kid's crusades. That is lots of stuff.

Family is what makes life full. Of course, Jesus is the beginning of life, but He is pleased when families grow in faith. That is our goal: to see our family grow in faith.

Friday, June 22, 2012


In one of my devotionals that I read, it recently included the following. These are good words:

William Arthur Ward wrote: 
“Believe while others are doubting. 
Plan while others are playing. 
Decide while others are delaying. 
Prepare while others are daydreaming. 
Begin while others are procrastinating. 
Work while others are wishing. 
Save while others are wasting. 
Listen while others are talking. 
Smile while others are frowning. 
Persist while others are quitting.” 

If you study each phrase you will find the roots of each thought can be found in the Bible. 

The subject of each phrase is understood. It is YOU! The point is that each of us have responsibility in life. While I trust God to work on my behalf, He gives breathe, strength, ability, and opportunity for me to choose, initiate, and work-out my own "salvation". No, I don't mean to imply soul-ish salvation, but rather the daily working out of my life. 

Choice is such a powerful issue in life. What we choose to think, say, act, and live determines our daily destinies as well as eternal destinies. 

Here are the verbs of each phrase. They are:


WOW! I see a progression of action that leads to daily and eternal success. I pray today that God will help me to work out my salvation in every issue, part, and parcel of my life.

What about YOU?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have spent more time at the City Council opposing the "Human Rights" Ordinance 296. It is proving to be a long arduous process for all involved on either side of the issue. It seems that the very heart and conscious of our City and even of our Nation is being fought for. At times the debate is tense, accusative, and harsh. I have even chuckled at times as the emotions go from confrontational to embarrassing.

One speaker was referred to as a "sir" by the chairman and turned out to be a "Mam." She, or it, or shem was called "Rusty" by a female friend from the back of the hall. I couldn't help but be amused. Then, I realized how very sad all this is.

I have spent time praying for the homosexuals and lesbians. They need Jesus. They need deliverance. They need salvation. God loves them as He loves all sinners, but He doesn't love sin.

I know we can't legislate  righteousness, but neither should we allow open sin to rule our culture without voicing our concerns. I am praying, encouraging council members, and appealing to citizens to opposed this legislation. Please pray with me for Jacksonville, our State, and our Nation.

We need God. We need revival. We need Jesus.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Wanda and I are watching the College World Series and rooting for Florida State University. They lost their first game and will be out if they lose one more game. It is double elimination so they have to keep on winning to stay in the hunt. One loss and their done.

Wanda and I watched their second game on Sunday evening. Their opponent had an unforced error that led to FSU scoring 5 runs before they were done. The error was on a simple, routine play where the shortstop had to make a simple throw to first base. He threw it in the dirt and the inning continued. That out would have ended the inning and stopped FSU from 5 more runs. Wow! That was huge!

Unforced errors can be costly. There is no excuse. There is no one to blame. It is your fault. That can lead to huge hurt. Just ask FSU's opponent, Stony Brook from New York. Stony Brook lost on a easy play made hard.

All of us can make life-unforced errors. Bad decisions in everything from finance to family to work to play to all sorts of other stuff.

Here is the deal. We need to minimize life-unforced errors. I felt God speak that into my life as a young teenager. Why make life harder by doing lots of dumb, sinful stuff? Life has enough tough places that don't need any more pain added.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Today I am taking a break from blogging. I enjoy sharing and writing. Life is busy. So much to do. I will be back on Monday. 

Oh, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father. Thanks Dad for all you have done for our family and me personally. I am grateful and thankful that you are my father. Thank you for being strong in the Lord and living for Him. Thank you for all your hard work and faith to provide for our family. Thank you for loving Mom and all us kids. I will make heaven because of you and Mom. I am forever grateful.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am still working out five days a week before leaving for work. Wanda and I do morning devotions and then a quick dvd workout and run or walk. I run three mornings and walk two. It is paying dividends in strength, balance, weight, and general good health. As I have said before, I only get one body in this life. There is another body coming, but that is in heaven.

Workouts and good eating habits have to be formed. I don't eat many sweets. I don't eat much bread. I stay away from fast foods. I count calories. And, I pray over every meal giving thanks to God and asking for Him to sanctify it for health and strength for my body.

My balance and agility are getting better. I can touch my toes while standing without breaking my back or killing my leg muscles. I feel much more agile and strong. My stomach, shoulder, back, arm, and leg muscles are tightening up.

Hopefully, that will translate into a longer, better quality of life. I want to enjoy old age one day and be able to get around as best as possible. I am finding that I feel better, sleep better, and am generally stronger throughout the day. That helps everything to go better.

It helps to have a workout partner. Wanda and I workout doing a dvd program each morning and walk together for two days each week. The other three days I run two or three miles. It helps to have someone who will encourage you when you don't feel like moving.

I think better when I feel better. I work better too. I hope it will show up in my preaching also. It only takes forty-five minutes or so each morning. I think it is worth the effort.

Monday, June 11, 2012


You know, I love sports. If it has a ball in it, I love it. Basketball, football, baseball, softball, and tennis all capture my attention. I played softball, basketball, and football in school in junior high. I wasn't very good at any of it, but I loved playing. I didn't get to play in high school because we moved some, and I never got connected with the teams. I did play in the marching and symphony bands, but that is not sports.

Through the years here at my house, I would watch games all alone on TV, but not now. Wanda loves sports too, especially baseball and anything that Florida State University is playing. She will get into games with me.

We're watching the College World Series, and Florida State is involved. Alabama isn't. Do they play baseball at Alabama?

It is interesting watching games with Wanda. She is very knowledgeable about all the rules and plays. Sometimes, she will watch even when I am not. Right now there are lots of teams playing, but the field will be narrowed down soon. Excitement will be high if FSU keeps winning. Wanda will really enjoy that.

Well, FSU won their super-region and are going to the College World Series. That means more games to be watched on TV. Go Noles!

Friday, June 8, 2012


It takes doing the "little stuff" to keep on track so I can do the "big stuff." Every day there are same stuff things to do. Over and over, you do necessary tasks to make it possible to accomplish bigger life purpose goals.

That is why I would like my "glorified body" in heaven to self clean itself every morning. No more shaving in heaven. No more making beds. No more yard work. I don't know if we will need cars up there, but if we do I'd like to put in an order for one of the self-washing models.

Would it be possible to have a dishwasher that loads and unloads itself too? And maybe the self cleaning vacuum cleaner would be a great idea.

Does it sound like I'm lazy? Maybe? Not sure.

But all those daily items keep coming day after day. It seems I'm hardly done and here they all come again. Over and over.

Did you know that life is like a roll of toilet paper?

The closer you get to the end the faster it goes!

That's life. The good news is that we will live forever. I'm not done when my years on planet earth are over. Really, I will just be beginning. I just hope that some of that daily stuff will be included in my glorified body packet. It would be nice.

Until then, I just do it over and over.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The ability to trust is invaluable. It makes marriages work. It is the only way business can function. Dependability is vital for a long trip in your car. Trust is the only way you can do banking. There are few things that survive without a measure of trust.

Who or what do I trust?

Wanda, my kids, family, close friends, wonderful church, are the beginning.

It is hard to put trust in government or politicians.

Trust is earned. It takes time to determine trustworthiness. It is easily lost. Sometimes it can be regained, but it takes time.

We are told to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not to lean on our own understanding. Often we get into trouble over that one. It is so easy to allow our own understandings overshadow what God's Word states. That is a huge mistake.

I am learning more and more that I do better to first go to the Lord, get His plans, and let Him bless. It doesn't work well to try to get God to bless what I plan or what "my understanding" is.

God knows best. I will put my total trust in Him. Believe me. That is a daily effort.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Sleep is a wonderful thing. God gives sleep. It is His will. However, sometimes He disturbs our sleep for a reason. Sometimes He wants to talk to us. Sometimes He awakens us for a purpose to help others.

Since Wanda and I have been married, my sleep has been so much better. I rarely get up in the night. I don't eat twinkies. I usually sleep all night. She has prayed for me and helped me. That is a real blessing.

Recently I woke up around 1 AM and could not rest. I quietly slipped out of the bed so as not to disturb Wanda. I was burdened to pray. I prayed in the Spirit. God was praying through me. It was deep. It was earnest and heartfelt.

After a long season of prayer, I felt peace and went back to bed.

I was at rest. I won't go into details, but later I found that my prayers had been answered. There was a need in the night, and God met that need.

Good sleep is wonderful, but answered prayers are better even if we have a short night.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I wonder how many hospital visits I have made as a pastor? People get sick. Women have babies. Accidents happen. Death occurs.

One day I walked from a death situation at one end of the hospital to the other end of the hospital to celebrate the birth of a new born. Talk about extreme moments of emotion. That is about as real as it gets.

One time I walked into a hospital room to visit a priest. He saw me coming in and quickly put his lit cigarette under the sheets. Wow! That wasn't good good. I was extremely nice and only stayed a moment.

I heard about the preacher ministering at a funeral and he said that he was with the departed at the moment of death. The pastor said, "Oh, I remember he gave me a note just before he passed." The pastor reached into his pocket only to find the note.

"Here is the note," the preacher continued.

He read it aloud.

"You're standing on my breathing tube."


Haven't done that. Hope I don't. I just want to help those in need.

I'm off to the hospital now.