Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Good habits and good routines make for a disciplined and blessed life. I have noticed that all of the workings of God are with order. Just look at creation and all of the incredible order there.

That works for mankind too. Order makes life go smoother. I am more productive with things in place, life on track, routines on track. Somethings are daily. Somethings need attention regularly while other life demands are not so urgent. Yet, in everything, order blesses.

We are all creatures of habit. We like certain foods and tend to gravitate toward them. We enjoy certain activities and lean toward constant involvement there. These all set up patterns of life.

I find some of my patterns need improving. My eating habits need attention. My thought patterns need refocusing. My ministry habits need refining. All of that pushes toward a better or lessor life.

My spirit is willing to change, but the problem is with the flesh. Flesh wants to stay the same. It wants gratifying. It wants to feel good. Changing the flesh can be painful, and I don't enjoy that. No one enjoys that.

Yet, when I stay on track in these good areas, I am blessed. And, when I am willing to change to new habits and set a new track pattern, I am blessed too.

The goal is to glorify the Lord. The goal is to be my best for Jesus. It is to finish my race well. He will help me to do it. I am counting on the Lord. He will be faithful.

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