Friday, June 1, 2012


I wonder how many hospital visits I have made as a pastor? People get sick. Women have babies. Accidents happen. Death occurs.

One day I walked from a death situation at one end of the hospital to the other end of the hospital to celebrate the birth of a new born. Talk about extreme moments of emotion. That is about as real as it gets.

One time I walked into a hospital room to visit a priest. He saw me coming in and quickly put his lit cigarette under the sheets. Wow! That wasn't good good. I was extremely nice and only stayed a moment.

I heard about the preacher ministering at a funeral and he said that he was with the departed at the moment of death. The pastor said, "Oh, I remember he gave me a note just before he passed." The pastor reached into his pocket only to find the note.

"Here is the note," the preacher continued.

He read it aloud.

"You're standing on my breathing tube."


Haven't done that. Hope I don't. I just want to help those in need.

I'm off to the hospital now.

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