Monday, June 18, 2012


Wanda and I are watching the College World Series and rooting for Florida State University. They lost their first game and will be out if they lose one more game. It is double elimination so they have to keep on winning to stay in the hunt. One loss and their done.

Wanda and I watched their second game on Sunday evening. Their opponent had an unforced error that led to FSU scoring 5 runs before they were done. The error was on a simple, routine play where the shortstop had to make a simple throw to first base. He threw it in the dirt and the inning continued. That out would have ended the inning and stopped FSU from 5 more runs. Wow! That was huge!

Unforced errors can be costly. There is no excuse. There is no one to blame. It is your fault. That can lead to huge hurt. Just ask FSU's opponent, Stony Brook from New York. Stony Brook lost on a easy play made hard.

All of us can make life-unforced errors. Bad decisions in everything from finance to family to work to play to all sorts of other stuff.

Here is the deal. We need to minimize life-unforced errors. I felt God speak that into my life as a young teenager. Why make life harder by doing lots of dumb, sinful stuff? Life has enough tough places that don't need any more pain added.

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