Monday, June 25, 2012


Summer is officially in full swing at our house. The first "batch" of grandkids have arrived. We're keeping Cole and Paige as Mark and Tara, their parents, are off for a week long missions trip to Nicaragua. They'll be here a week. Then a few days break and more arrive.

The really BIG news is that Jennifer and her family are moving from Puerto Rico to Tampa, FL. They arrive the first week of July for GOOD. For over 13 years or so they have lived in San Juan, but now they'll become Floridians like the rest of us. I can't wait.

We haven't seen Jennifer and her precious family for a year. That is one long, long, long year. That is too long not to be able to hug grandkids. I told Wanda Sunday morning that I couldn't believe that we won't have to plan trips to PR any more. No more searching and searching on the Internet for cheap tickets. No more waiting for the "next" trip South.

All of our grands should be by here at one time or another. We love it. Last summer, Wanda had all of them paint bird houses that line our back yard. This summer they will be make concrete stones with handprints or footprints and their names on each stone that will line the back yard too. That way we can look out the back windows to see their handiwork and remember them all year long.

Wanda will be busy, busy cooking, cleaning, and occupying the grands. I'll help too. We probably make the zoo, hand's on museum, beach, movies, bike rides, camping, long walks, games, cookouts, and kid's crusades. That is lots of stuff.

Family is what makes life full. Of course, Jesus is the beginning of life, but He is pleased when families grow in faith. That is our goal: to see our family grow in faith.

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