Friday, June 29, 2012




The Supreme Courting ruling yesterday on Federal taxed health care shows that more and more people are being pushed to trust in government. So my question is what will the next leap of power and rights will the government take? What else will we be forced to bow to?

I have paid taxes all my adult life. I have also paid social security taxes all my life. Social Security is almost bankrupt. Our government is almost bankrupt. And, now they tell me that they are going to managing health care? What a joke!

Now the government is going to direct our doctors and how we are to be treated.

Here is the deal.

Look what happened in Arizona this past week when the Federal Government turned on the State of Arizona after the Supreme Court upheld Arizona right to check for citizenship. That is a clue how things will go in our health care. If you don't do what they (Federal Government) say, then they'll turn on you. They did it to Arizona and they'll do it to you or me too.

So, what do we do?

We put our trust in God.

God raises rulers and he lowers rulers. It is time to again trust in God and believe that He will work on our behalf.

And one more thing. The November Elections are coming. I am trusting and praying that wicked, ungodly leaders will fall.

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