Monday, June 11, 2012


You know, I love sports. If it has a ball in it, I love it. Basketball, football, baseball, softball, and tennis all capture my attention. I played softball, basketball, and football in school in junior high. I wasn't very good at any of it, but I loved playing. I didn't get to play in high school because we moved some, and I never got connected with the teams. I did play in the marching and symphony bands, but that is not sports.

Through the years here at my house, I would watch games all alone on TV, but not now. Wanda loves sports too, especially baseball and anything that Florida State University is playing. She will get into games with me.

We're watching the College World Series, and Florida State is involved. Alabama isn't. Do they play baseball at Alabama?

It is interesting watching games with Wanda. She is very knowledgeable about all the rules and plays. Sometimes, she will watch even when I am not. Right now there are lots of teams playing, but the field will be narrowed down soon. Excitement will be high if FSU keeps winning. Wanda will really enjoy that.

Well, FSU won their super-region and are going to the College World Series. That means more games to be watched on TV. Go Noles!

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