Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have spent more time at the City Council opposing the "Human Rights" Ordinance 296. It is proving to be a long arduous process for all involved on either side of the issue. It seems that the very heart and conscious of our City and even of our Nation is being fought for. At times the debate is tense, accusative, and harsh. I have even chuckled at times as the emotions go from confrontational to embarrassing.

One speaker was referred to as a "sir" by the chairman and turned out to be a "Mam." She, or it, or shem was called "Rusty" by a female friend from the back of the hall. I couldn't help but be amused. Then, I realized how very sad all this is.

I have spent time praying for the homosexuals and lesbians. They need Jesus. They need deliverance. They need salvation. God loves them as He loves all sinners, but He doesn't love sin.

I know we can't legislate  righteousness, but neither should we allow open sin to rule our culture without voicing our concerns. I am praying, encouraging council members, and appealing to citizens to opposed this legislation. Please pray with me for Jacksonville, our State, and our Nation.

We need God. We need revival. We need Jesus.

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