Friday, June 8, 2012


It takes doing the "little stuff" to keep on track so I can do the "big stuff." Every day there are same stuff things to do. Over and over, you do necessary tasks to make it possible to accomplish bigger life purpose goals.

That is why I would like my "glorified body" in heaven to self clean itself every morning. No more shaving in heaven. No more making beds. No more yard work. I don't know if we will need cars up there, but if we do I'd like to put in an order for one of the self-washing models.

Would it be possible to have a dishwasher that loads and unloads itself too? And maybe the self cleaning vacuum cleaner would be a great idea.

Does it sound like I'm lazy? Maybe? Not sure.

But all those daily items keep coming day after day. It seems I'm hardly done and here they all come again. Over and over.

Did you know that life is like a roll of toilet paper?

The closer you get to the end the faster it goes!

That's life. The good news is that we will live forever. I'm not done when my years on planet earth are over. Really, I will just be beginning. I just hope that some of that daily stuff will be included in my glorified body packet. It would be nice.

Until then, I just do it over and over.

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