Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am still working out five days a week before leaving for work. Wanda and I do morning devotions and then a quick dvd workout and run or walk. I run three mornings and walk two. It is paying dividends in strength, balance, weight, and general good health. As I have said before, I only get one body in this life. There is another body coming, but that is in heaven.

Workouts and good eating habits have to be formed. I don't eat many sweets. I don't eat much bread. I stay away from fast foods. I count calories. And, I pray over every meal giving thanks to God and asking for Him to sanctify it for health and strength for my body.

My balance and agility are getting better. I can touch my toes while standing without breaking my back or killing my leg muscles. I feel much more agile and strong. My stomach, shoulder, back, arm, and leg muscles are tightening up.

Hopefully, that will translate into a longer, better quality of life. I want to enjoy old age one day and be able to get around as best as possible. I am finding that I feel better, sleep better, and am generally stronger throughout the day. That helps everything to go better.

It helps to have a workout partner. Wanda and I workout doing a dvd program each morning and walk together for two days each week. The other three days I run two or three miles. It helps to have someone who will encourage you when you don't feel like moving.

I think better when I feel better. I work better too. I hope it will show up in my preaching also. It only takes forty-five minutes or so each morning. I think it is worth the effort.

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