Monday, July 2, 2012


Waiting is not easy for anyone. There is a time to do, to act, to move forward. There are times when everything is clear and you know what to do. There are times when you know that you know. I know those times. I know the voice of God. He has spoken to my heart. I have followed His directions.

Then there are times when you must pause.

Pause bottons are good buttons too. We often don't enjoy using them because we're more "right now" kind of people. I have learned that God doesn't always work in my timetable. There are times I want to move His hand "right now" for "my" intended objectives.

God doesn't work on my timetables. His timing is always perfect regardless of how I might measure life. I have often felt that in my ministry that one of the toughest parts of it is to know when to put my hand to something and when to wait and let Him work. God does use both methods, but I like to quickly help Him out.

I am definitely expecting good things in my life and ministry and for our children and family. God has great things in store. I believe it.

I am waiting for the fullness of His plan. I will be faithful to follow and wait until He acts.

He is able!

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