Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have another new app for my IPhone called MapMyRun.  MapMyRun uses the GPS to keep a record of my walks, runs, or jogs so that I can better determine how much exercise I am getting. It will chart my workouts and keep a log for reference. It will also record how fast I walk or run and gives updates as I am running or walking to let me know how far I have gone and the pace I am going. It actually paints a map of my run.

I have used it twice and both times, once while running and another while walking, it would let me know by voice that I had gone a mile and also how fast. Amazing! It talks to me.

It is really neat. Sometimes I like to go different routes for specific distances, but I am not sure how far the route would be. With this, I can keep an up-to-the-minute voice record and screen record for me of my distance and time. Amazing, again!

It lets me know how many calories I have burned and has numerous nutrition features. I don know that I will be using all the features, but it has a lot of neat ones. Most of it is done automatically with me only starting and stopping the device.

Another feature is that it records actually elevation differences as I jog, run, or walk. That gives input to how much energy is being used. Amazing again!

But you know what? This isn't a fraction of the info and facts that the Lord keeps up with me on a daily basis. He knows every detail, thought, and action. He knows the number of hairs on my head and every cell in my body.

The Lord knows where I am going before I go there. He keeps record of what I do there when I get there. He knows everything.

He knows all that and still loves me. I like that.

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