Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Meet! Meet! Meet! Talk! Talk! Talk! Yak! Yak! Yak!

Same ole stuff. More and More. Over and Over! Been there! Done that!

After 40 years of ministry, I have gone to more meetings than I can count. This week is our annual state district council meeting. I have attended 40 of those as a minister and even more as a child with my father. Then I have gone to 20 different bi-annual general council meetings all over America and even more including again as a child.  Then there are monthly minister's meetings all those years. Then weekly staff meetings and all kinds of other conferences and church meetings and revivals and then counseling sessions and more other kinds of meetings.

Now you know why the first couple of sentences were written. Do I like any of it. Well, yes I do. Some, admittedly is repetition and boring. Sometimes I wonder why we have to go on and on and on.

But, I do like seeing my minister buddies. I do like the combined synergy. I have been encouraged along the way. I believe I have encourage some others too.

So, I'll keep going. It is the thing to do. We're at another one now. I hope it will be good.

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