Friday, May 11, 2012


Words seem so small when talking about how much your mother means to you. I am thankful that my mother is still with us. I talk with her several times each week. She is such a blessing.

She is selfless, serving, and spiritual. She loves my father and my siblings and has always been there for us. She has always honored God and worked to advance His Kingdom. She led me to Jesus and taught me how to live a victorious Christian life.

When all of her kids were small, she would sew and make beautiful dresses for my sisters. She didn't make much for me, but I remember shirts that she made and a few other things. Those clothes stand out in my mind more than all the "store bought" ones. They were made by loving hands.

She loved all of us kids enough to teach, train, and discipline us. Once she pinched me in church when I wasn't doing right. Ouch, that hurt. I think I blurted out loud, "Don't pinch me, that hurt." I think that led to more correction when we got home. Ha! I needed it!

I love her delicious pound cakes and fried chicken. Wow! What a treat! I can smell the aroma right now. She would always make a cake on Sunday afternoon that we would enjoy before and after church and then into the first of the week.

Thank you Mom for always being there for us, for loving us, for all of your kind acts. I am grateful you are my Mother.

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