Friday, May 18, 2012


While Wanda and I were away this week for our annual state meeting of the denomination we serve, we had a jolting, yet funny experience. We had checked into our hotel on Monday afternoon in time to relax a few moments and then get ready for the first meeting that evening.

She briefly left the room to get a snack and check out the pool. I was left behind watching some TV. After a few moments had passed, I heard the door opening assuming it was Wanda. I was wrong!

There at the door stood Rick, my sister Patricia's husband, entering with his own key into what he thought was his own room.


Wanda called out to him just as he was opening the door asking where he was going or something like that. She said this was our room. "Sure," he laughed in response.

About that time, I got off the bed and said "Hi" to him.

Boy was he shocked! Boy was I even more shocked!

What are the chances that out of all the hotels in that area that they would stay where we were staying and that they would be given a key to the same room we sere staying?


We all had a laugh and then couldn't get over how all that happened.

I learned years ago to always knock when first going into my hotel room. I have opened the door to a room that already had guests. Wow! That is a good way to get embarrassed, or worse, shot!

So here is the take-a-way. Knock and then enter hotel rooms.

It was funny, but shockinly funny.

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