Thursday, May 24, 2012


I went to the last Jacksonville City Council Meeting this past Tuesday night. A major part of the agenda was to hear public opinion on a gay anti-discrimination ordinance. When I arrived, the line to get into the building was out the door, across the street, and into a park. It took some time just to get into the room with some 400+ plus people and even more in an over-flow room.

I estimate that less than 30 of those present were opposed to the ordinance. Most in the room were openly gay, cross-gender, or transvestite. You can only imagine the  spirit, or shall I say, unholy spirit that was in the room.

They appealed for hours to the councilpersons to approve their request. Please see my last blog for my opinion. There were tears, self-pity, and much mis-information being offered.

I cannot tell you how many men there were dressed as women or women dressed as men. You couldn't tell for some until they spoke. Then you could hear a man's voice coming from someone who liked like a women or a women's voice from someone who looked like a man.

They ridiculed anyone who spoke against them. Several times the chairperson hammered his gavel. Once, he threatened to clear the room. Finally, they listened, but a vile spirit was in the room.

There were only six to ten that spoke against the ordinance. I would have, but wasn't able due to not being able to get into the room in time. I had spoken with the mayor's office and spoken personally with my councilman. He was so grateful for my support.

When I left, I had to go to a parking garage for my car. There were two men dressed in women's dresses walking up the same garage. Both were vile, swearing, railing, and angrily mocking our city or anyone who would dare deprive their "rights". It was vile and vulgar.

How did America come to this? How did we reach a point where ungodliness would be applauded, supported, and desired?

This must be the last days. Jesus must surely be coming soon.

Late into the night I prayed for our City and Nation. May God have mercy on America.

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