Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday, Wanda and I team spoke for Sunday morning church and Mother's Day. This was her first time to speak in a Sunday church service. She prepared all week and we worked together on the sermon. We spent time praying together for God's guidance and wisdom in what to share.

Team speaking is challenging as all speakers have to get on the "same page". I felt directed to the story of Deborah in The Book of Judges. She had some thoughts too, and as the week progressed we felt common direction. It is an interesting story of a woman who led Israel during a crisis time. Deborah was a multi-tasker in that she performed many jobs and several of them simultaneously. That is common to women.

Men are not very good at multi-tasking. We are logic based, focused on the moment, and don't notice too many other things around us when we're committed to a task. Women have many wires running all around in their brains. Men live in one box at a time. At least that is what Mark Gungor says. I agree.

Wanda did a great job encouraging the ladies on how to be successful in all their duties as multi-taskers. She does it well. She is a hard working, committed wife, mother, grandmother, and pastor's wife. I give her A+. Ladies work is from dawn to dusk and everything in between.

One hilarious but pointed statement she made to men was, "Men, suck it up and help around the house." I think she got that from Hezekiah 2:4. Ha! She had me rolling and got lots of Amens from the ladies, needless to say.

We had fun speaking together, and I think she did a fantastic job.

When we got home, I asked her if she wanted to speak again next Sunday. She said, "NO!" I think she saw how much it takes to speak. She would do great again. I am sure.

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