Friday, May 4, 2012


Well, it is working. I am losing that excess wait. You've read the iPhone Apps that I am using, but it is requires more than mere technology to lose the wait. It requires putting the fork down and making sure that when you pick it up that you eat the right stuff.

It takes will power. Sweat. Effort. Hunger. It requires discipline to exercise and workout. I don't get enough physical exercise in my daily routines to burn enough calories so I have to run, walk, and do strength exercises. That takes some major effort and time.

Here is the good news. It is working.

I am slimming down and losing inches around my belly. My muscles are toning up. I feel stronger. I feel better. Yay!

I have lost about 7 pounds with another 15 pounds to go. I am eating under 1500 calories each day and working out burning another 400 or so off the 1500. My total calorie intake is averaging around 1200 or so after accounting for the burned calories through exercise.

I only have one body, one brain, two legs, two arms and hands, and one belly. Sometimes I would like to have a second belly that is portable. Ha!

Life is short and when I visit all these sickly folks in the hospital it makes me realize even more that I need to take care of my one body. I won't get another one in this life.

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