Monday, April 30, 2012


Wanda and I visited Cumberland Island, Ga., on Friday. It is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia just off the Florida state line. The only way to get there is by boat. We rode up to St. Marys, Ga., on "Big Red" and sailed over to the island with our friends Lou and Cherry Casey on their boat. I have wanted to make this trip for several years.

You can camp on the island if you choose or stay at a B&B for a minimum of $400 a night up to $800. We only went over for the day, but maybe some time later we might go over to camp. There are no paved roads, stores, or other conveniences. Don't think we'll ever stay at the B&B.

A few years back, John Kennedy, Jr., was married on a private part of the island on the north side. I guess money was no problem for him or his family. They certainly didn't camp there.

Another interesting part of the island are the wild horses and ruins. We got off the sailboat and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Then we went on a walk across the bay side of the island to the Atlantic side which is about .6 m. That took just a few minutes. Then we headed south on the beach for a mile and a half and crossed back across the island to the sailboat. Lou had moved it south to another dock where we met.

That hike was around 3.5. That was no problem except crossing the sand dunes heading back was tough. It was hot and the white sand was like a heater exploding the suns rays all over us. Whew! We made it.

I don't know what the ruins are all about. We saw wild horses and turkeys. There are some 150 horses that roam freely all over the island of about 17 miles around.

The wind wasn't blowing much so we didn't do much sailing. Maybe next trip we can do that.

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