Wednesday, May 23, 2012


To be gay means different things than it did when I was a boy. Then it meant to be happy, to be in a good mood, to feel light, bright, or cheerful, Today it means something far different to some. It is an attempt to turn something perverse and un-natural into an acceptable, norm of lifestyle. I won't even dignify this modern usage of such a good word by defining it in contemporary definition. 

I will simply say that it is sad.

Now, our city is being pushed to "normalize" a despicable,  lifestyle that has been rejected by all mankind for all time. Somehow, now we are forced to close our minds, hearts, and souls to a lifestyle that leads to eternal damnation. 

How can this be.

Last night I attended a City Council meeting to consider a new city ordinance that would include "sexual orientation", "gender identity" or "expression" as a part of the city's anti-discrimination laws. 

Here are the problems with such an ordinance:

1. What does "sexual orientation" mean? Does it mean sexual relations with anyone, anything, or any animal? What does "gender expression" mean"? Can anyone act out any form or manner of sexual manifestation, act, or thought?

2. Why give "special rights" for behavior? What other "behaviors should be included? What if a minority press for sexual liberty with children, would that "sexual orientation" be given safety to be lived out?

3. Who gets to define all these possible "sexual orientations" or "expressions" or "identities"?

4. Why does our city have to write new law based on behavior in its anti-discrimination laws?

5. Why should our children, youth, and adults have to be brought under constant watch to not view unacceptable behavior?

6. What makes people think that some have been "enlightened" to a false new, "normal" of sexual behavior that has been deemed inappropriate for all mankind?

7. Why does anyone really believe that it is acceptable to include "behavior" as a proper norm for inclusion into anti-discrimination laws? A person cannot change their race, color, or nationality. Behavior is a matter of choice. Color of skin, race, or nationality are not a choice and cannot be changed. 

8. And what about sin? Sin kills, destroys, and rots. Homosexuality and lesbianism are both clearly sin in the Bible.

9. We are a Nation founded under God and the Judeo/Christian ethic. That has not changed.

10. No society, race, or culture has ever survived living a un-restrained, immoral lifestyle. 

I write this with grave concern for the City of Jacksonville as well as our Nation. May God have mercy.


  1. BRAVO! AMEN!! You make your Dad and Mom proud parents! Keep up the good work.

  2. I believe what we are witnessing in our society today is occurring because our nation as a whole has turned it's back to God and sexual preversion is the consequence of that. We are seeing God turn our society over to it's sinful desires. Romans 1:24 says this: Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to the sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. Unless our nation as a whole turns their back to sin and asks God for mercy we are quickly headed to what all Christians know is coming eventually anyway. I personally don't have much hope that our nation will turn away from it's course. A big clue will be in November.