Monday, May 7, 2012


My IPhone apps are working. I have now officially lost ten pounds. I weighed Sunday morning before breakfast and it is a fact. I am ten pounds lighter. Boy, did I ever feel proud. That isn't much by some standards, but for me it is huge.

Last week I watched a TV program where one of the contestants lost over 190 pounds. Now that is losing weight. He lost as much as I weigh. I hope to lose 12 more pounds so I have some work to do yet.

How is it happening? It is all about right portions of right food coupled with right exercise. That will work every time.

Oh, one more thing. I drink water, lots of water. No cokes. No tea, well, maybe a little ice tea every so often. I am still a Southerner, so I will take a tea all along. But I am not drinking much.

What is the point. It is about good health, good living, and long life. It is about being my best for Jesus. It is about making every day count. So, I am trying. I've lost ten pounds. 

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