Wednesday, May 9, 2012


God gives dreams with eternal purpose. Joseph in the Old Testament had a dream, and in God's timing it came true. It took perseverance  and faith for the dream to turn into reality, but it happened.

Significant dreams don't happen easily. The bigger the dream means that often is followed by bigger challenges. That has been my experience. Dreams give reason. They give purpose. They produce blessings. That is if they are dreams sent from God.

What do you do when your dreams are attacked or dashed? Giving up is not an option, if they are dreams from heaven. You have to look to God again. Listen to His voice. Let Him renew and refocus. Then it is time to move forward and try again.

I chuckled when I read a devotional recently that included a cute funny with a message. It goes like this:

There was once a college student who rode his bike all over campus with a tee-shirt with the message that read, "I am going to be a doctor." On the bike was a sign that also had a message, "I am going to be a Mercedes."

Ha! I like that. You gotta have a dream.

God's dreams have purpose. He has a higher, greater plan. I want His dreams. I am willing to work through His strength to see them turn into reality.

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