Monday, August 2, 2010


Summer afternoon rains here have released incredible electrical storms the last few days. Another one passed through this past Saturday afternoon as Wanda and I enjoyed the fresh rain while sitting on our back porch. Summer rains cool the air and clean the atmosphere. They relax and calm the soul. I like to watch it rain.

Then out in the distant we heard thundering and lightening. It got closer.


It hit real close and Wanda flew into the house. She said that she wasn't staying out there any longer. The lightening was too close to home. Literally.

We walked to the front of the house and gazed out the dining room window.


KABOOM, again.

Real loud up close with sparks and fireworks and racing bright lights. It was like 4th of July right our front yard.

We thought a tree behind the house straight across the street from us had been hit. Chills went up and down Wanda's spine and arms. That was something!

Wow! Amazing!

Lightening up close and personal is something else. But you know what? God controls and heaven and the universe. He is above all.

We didn't hear sirens or noise, but in a few moments our street was lined with firetrucks. I counted six of them. Our neighbor's house had been hit by lightening and smoke was coming out from the house. No one was home in the house which was hit. We didn't see it, but a neighbor behind them saw it and called the fire department. The firemen pulled the electric meter out, knocked in the front door, and cut into the roof to get to the fire. In moments all was well.

Other neighbors had air conditioners knocked out and lights blown and other electrical issues. All that from a summer electrical storm. No one was hurt and the fire damage was minimal.

But it was exciting for a few minutes Saturday afternoon on Tonga Dr.


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