Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Self control is not always easy, but it releases incredible opportunity and blessing. Self control in our appetites helps us with health issues. Self control with our tongue keeps us from hurting others and ourselves. Self control in our meditations keeps us emotional and mentally fit. Self control with our finances keeps us from going broke. Self control in what we watch keeps our inner thoughts pure and clean.

Moderation is the key. Allowing the Holy Spirit to flow is the source.

I was told in college that what I feed grows, and what I starve dies. That is part of control too.

Self control can be hard, but allowing the Holy Spirit to control is much easier. The Holy Spirit of God gives us wisdom, strength, and power to overcome the habits that rob, steal, and kill.

Discipline frees while a lack of discipline leads to bondage. I counsel people regularly who have been sorely deceived and blinded to their ill choices and are controlled by flesh, desires, and the carnal. Not much good comes from those sources. They usually are living with huge regrets and have to bend their wills to the better good.

I choose God, His Laws and precepts, and His ways. That all lead to a higher wisdom of life that blesses. Choosing God is the first step.

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