Friday, July 30, 2010


So I heard that our President was a guest on The View, a daily TV program basically for women. While I haven't been watching much TV or reading the news very often, I have picked up on the controversy about whether this is "Presidential" or not? Here's my opinion.

I have only seen a brief promo about this program so I don't follow it at all. I am at work or ministry when it is airing. It may be popular and it may be a fancy and personal way to connect with the "lady" folks, but why does a "President" need to spend valuable time on such a program? Is this morning entertainment? Some way of promotional connecting?

Who are those ladies anyway?

Color him purple. It doesn't matter to me of his race or party or affiliation. What matters is where our Nation heading and seeing America as One Nation Under God.

He says we are no longer a "Christian" Nation.
He says that the government must be our "big brother".
He says that some laws fit for some but not others.
He says that our past isn't so pretty.

All these things bother me deeply. Do I care that he was a guest on "The View?" Personally, I think that there is a much more productive way for a President to spend the day.

Don't you?

One other thing.

It was reported on the Thursday evening news that a former President's daughter's upcoming wedding will cost between $3-5 million. Wow! Why don't they take some of that to help others rather than taking yours or mine.

Just was wondering?

I think I'll watch even less news.

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  1. Great thoughts, Milton. I am glad you are willing to speak the truth in love and concern for our nation from a spiritual perspective.