Friday, August 13, 2010


This town barber is known to be a grumpy old guy. (This one is not true. The barber is not related to Jim from the last post.)

The barber is cutting the hair of a guy who is tells him that he is about to make a trip to the Vatican.

"Why in the world would you go there," the barber grumbles. "What airline are you flying? What hotel are you staying, he asks? Grumbling all the while.

The guy says, "American and the Sheraton."

The barber states that is the worst airline in the world and I've heard that the Sheraton there is a dump. He grumbles more.

Well, the guy makes his trip and bumps into his barber not long after returning home.

"How was your trip? The air flight? The hotel?

"Super," the guy responds. "Best flight ever and the Sherton there is five star. I even got to have a private audience with the Pope."

The barber could not believe his words. "What did the Pope have to say to you...., he grumbled.

"Well," the guys said, "I was nervous. I bowed before the Pope, and he place his hands on my head. The Pope said, 'My son, who gave you that crummy haircut?'"


That is a long way around just to say that grumpy attitudes lead to crummy living.

See you on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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