Monday, August 9, 2010


We're chillin' in the Caribbean with Jennifer and the kiddies and Javier. It is a great place to vacation and enjoy family.

On Friday I'll tell you my funniest joke. but today did you here about the talkin' parrot?

A couple passed by him in the mall as they walked past the pet shop.

The parrot looked at the guy and said, "You're ugly!"

Stunned by what the parrot said, the couple walked farther down the mall, but finally the guy turned around and walked back up to the pet shop.

The parrot saw him and said again, "You're ugly!"

Really upset now, the guy goes into the store and speaks to the manager, "That parrot of yours insulted me. He said to me twice that I was ugly!"

The manager walks up to the parrot, scolds him, swats him with a newspaper to the inch of his life and says, "You better never say an insulting thing like that again."

Feathers were just a flyin'.

As the guy walks past the the parrot going out the door, the parrot looked down and weakly said, "Youuu....... know........!"

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