Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This one is a true story.


I visited a church member years ago in the hospital. As I was about to pray for him, the town doctor came into the room and announced he had discovered the member's illness.

Now sadly the church member was known as the town grump.

The doctor said, "I know what you have, Jim (named changed to protect the innocent).

"Shoot striaght with me, Doc," Jim responded, "What is it?"

Doc said, "It is very serious, Jim. I don't see this very often."

Jim looked worried.

"Tell me, Doc, what is it?"

"Optic recitis," Doc answered.

Jim looked more worried. "That sounds very serious," he commented.

"Yes, it is," the doctor shared.

"Well, what is it, Doc? Shoot straight"

The doctor looked at me with a grin and anwered back, "Optic recitis is when the nerves in the eyes get crossed with the nerves in the rectum and it gives you a crappy outlook on life."


That true story took place over 35 years ago and I still laugh about that one.

Doc was right.

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