Monday, August 23, 2010


My daughter Jennifer asked me recently about praying for her little dog that had been sick. She wondered if God cared about little doggies? Sure He cares about doggies. He watches over the lilies of the fields and sees the little sparrows that fall. He cares about you and everything you care about. That is what friends are for. They care about you.

Jennifer and family lost a much loved dog not too long back which was killed by being run over by a car. That was heart breaking for all of her family. They had that dog for some 8 years or more. Now, their new dog was sick.

We did pray. The dog got some better and then worse. She finally got a vet to see it and now the dog is improving. Prayer and good attention both are appropriate actions to take, but prayer works about little things too.

Wanda's son and daughter-in-law and family just had a loss of a much loved pet that got hit by a car too. Chloe had been in their family for years and now is suddenly gone. They all needed some comfort too.

Yes, God cares about lilies, sparrows, and precious pets. He is our friend. He hears the little prayers of our hearts.

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  1. Hi Pastor Milton! I am a licensed (soon to be ordained) A/G minister in Ky. I have been following your and Kristy's blogs for years. Today's particularly ministered to me. My beloved cat of 21 years is in poor health. I had her at the vet last week and am heartbroken to say it is just a matter of time for her. I have struggled with the issue of praying for her and God is so faithful to speak to your heart on this subject. Thank you and pray for me and my family is this VERY difficult time! Rev. Kim Blair