Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Here is a short lesson from Job.

After his first test of losing family and possessions, the Bible says that He worshipped. He yet gave thanks in spite of loss. There was no blame, anger, bitterness. He simply bowed and worshipped.

There could be several reasons for such amazing faith, love, and commitment. Here are two.

First, Job had a habit of worship. Earlier in the first chapter of the Book of Job, the Bible says that Job regularly offered worship to God. This was an on going part of Job's life. He knew God and he regularly and consistently offer worship to God.

That leads to the second point. God knew His Redeemer. We often quote Job 19:25 which reads, "I know that my redeemer lives..."

I like to read it this way....I know my redeemer. Job knew his redeemer. It was a personal relationship. Job's had relationship. He was sure that His Redeemer liveth, because He knew His Redeemer. When the Divine test came, Job's regular worship, though tested, saw him through the storm.

Regular may seem so bland, blah, boring. But it is the consistency of life actions that leads to success. Regular worship led to victory over a Divine test.


  1. hullo,
    just wondering if you could pray for my grandson Jordan please. He needs lots of prayers right now. thankyou

  2. Ann, I am praying for Jordan and God's blessings on his life.