Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Jennifer, my daughter in Puerto Rico, shared this touching and amazing story with me. It lets me know that God cares about little things.

A few days back, a large iguana fell out of a tree onto a small porch off one of the bedrooms in their home. She and the kiddies were gone and Javier, her husband, went in to remove the iguana. Before he could do capture it, the iguana got loose in the house and he had to chase it down. They are fast little critters, but finally he caught it. He took it down stairs to release, but something happened and it appeared to have died.

For almost an hour it lay motionless on the floor of their garage long after Jennifer and the kiddies had arrived back at home. They tried everything they could to revive the poor thing, but ants began to crawl up on it and it seemed to have departed to iguana heaven.

Jennifer was a little more concerned about this event as Claudia had just had a little baby chick die that she had aquired from school and that coupled with their dog that got hit by a car and died and her Nana passing had really upset the little ones. So, Jennifer was worried this would be "another death" that would set the kiddies back.

After putting some water on the iguana to hopefully revive it but with no success, Jennifer decided to pray for the lizard.

Her husband laughed and said there was no need to pray because it was dead, but Jennifer and Claudia got down on their knees with Lorenzo and placed their hands on this Puerto Rican lizard and began to pray. Amazingly, after over an hour with no signs of life, the iguana began to move and crawled out of their carport.

Wow, is that something or what?

Does God heal lizards? Does he care about sparrows, or lillies, or the number of the hairs on our head?

Sure, and sometimes he heals iguanas too. No, I am not saying the iguana was dead nor did Jennifer either. Javier was sure he was dead, but now the iguana is roaming Puerto Rico enjoying a second life.

What is the point?

God answers prayer and cares about little things--even iquanas.


Since this post was made, I have found out the iguanas actually play dead. I had thought of that possibility, but Jennifer said that Javier had chased the iguana all over the house. It hadn't played dead then, and Jennifer thought the iguana had been hurt and injured in all the chasing. Nevertheless, he got a lot of prayer and it is enjoying sunny San Juan again whether it played dead or died or was just tired and hurt.


  1. I have been following your site for some time now. And I would like to share a blog site with you. It is put out by an 8th grader and details the life and times of. So funny, and a must read. She's only been doing this for two days, I can't wait to continue reading.

  2. Having a little trouble posting. If you get the opportunity check out this blog by an 8th grader.

  3. He sure was a good actor then! Cause that thing was badly dehydrated from being trapped all day. Either way it was cool to see it start breathing right after we prayed. Oh and he crawled back in the house again! No playing dead the 2nd time around!!lol!