Monday, September 14, 2009


Norma is winning the Scrabble game. I had have a bunch of vowels and a Q. What can you do with a Q if you don't have a "U"? Not much. I finally got to play "quin" for 33 points. Now maybe I can come back and win.

Wanda and I rode up to St. Mary's, Ga. on Saturday with our friend Jim and Judy. He is the one who found and helped get my first motorcycle and has helped train me. They just returned from a 28 day trip to San Diego, Ca., on their Goldwing and rode 9,101 miles. Can you believe it? Wow! Double Wow!

Wanda and I have logged about 500 miles or so just puttering around Florida. I don't know that we will ever make a trip across the United States and back, but we plan on enjoying the South. I pray we have just as many safe trips as Jim and Judy have made. That is all that counts.

We met former church members Lou and Cherry, who live in St. Mary's now, and ate on the water- front. It is a small quaint little community with not much happening. You can take a ferry out to Cumberland Island and they have a lodge with rooms starting at $600 per night. Maybe if we can get ten people to go together we might rent a room. Ha! I don't guess we'll do that.

Wanda rode in the rain with me on the Goldwing for just a bit on our return ride home. We crossed the Dames Point Bridge with wind and rain. I asked her what she did while I drove the motorcycle. She said she prayed a lot. That is good, but actually she really seems to enjoy riding and we are having a super time.

The Jags lost. Alabama won. Florida State won. Last Monday Wanda stayed up and watched Florida State lose to Miami. Can you believe that I have a wife who stays up later than me to watch football? Wow. That is amazing.


  1. Ummm...I believe the score is 247/210 and guess who has the 247!! Oh, and BTW you will be 60 in a few days and I will not!

  2. Norma, but today you are as old as I am!