Friday, September 18, 2009


Norma won the Scrabble game. She beat me pretty soundly 345-286, but she is still as old as I am.

Now we are playing again to see who can win the best 2 out of 3 games. I'm leading but that is the way the last game started. Starting good is important,but the most points at the end of the games is what counts.


Here is an article I wrote for our church bulletin. Our church family will read it Sunday, but you get it first.

Make a New Friend

Friends make life worthwhile. They come in when all others go out. They are there and love us including all our faults and flaws. Friends make life worthwhile.

Why are friends so important? Dr. Steve Stephens wrote that friends are important because:

They laugh with us. 2. They cry with us. 3. They build memories with us. 4. They stand beside us. 5. They confront us. 6. They believe the best in us. 7. They help us grow. 8. They keep us from temptation. 9. They enrich our lives.

A friend is one who..... follows through with what he or she says.... understands and inspires... sacrifices for others... invests in another... joyfully gives and serves... respects and honors... is courteous... builds character... loves at all times... challenges growth and maturity... tells the truth and restores dignity... keeps a promise... shares a dream... keeps in touch... is forgiving -- (Glenda Hotton).

How do you have a good friend. Well, it starts by being friendly. Friendship is the return of initiating friendly ways. Jesus has promised to be our friend and will walk with us all through the journey of life. He first loved us and that is the beginning of friendship. I encourage you to stretch beyond your normal boundaries and make a new friend. Try some of the above suggestions and bless someone who needs a good friend. You will be the better and will be blessed.

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  1. Maybe I should let you win a game for an early "60th" birthday present!