Friday, October 2, 2009


Earlier this week I celebrated by 60 birthday. So many of you sent kind birthday greetings and blessings. Thank you for remembering me and blessing me.

So, what does 60 mean?

To me, it means a full life of serving the Lord and trying my best to honor Him. I accepted Christ into my life some time between the ages of 5-6. My mother led me to Jesus and I prayed and He came into my life. I have walked with Him all my days.

No, I haven't been perfect, but He has kept my from the major pits of sin and blessed me immensely. I cannot begin to comprehend all of His kindness to me.

All of my adult life from college on has been spent in His service. I was lead pastor of a church by the time I was 23 and other than overseeing church planting in Pen Fl for 9 years, I have been a pastor all these years. It is an interesting and rewarding calling.

Wanda made my 60 birthday special. She planned two parties in my honor. One was with my family and the other with church staff. It is nice when people fuss over you. Wanda went way above the call of duty to bless me.

Also, my daughters and grands made a blog for me to check to get pictures and writings from the grands. Now that was a neat idea. I love it.

I got lots of cards and nice gifts, but I am really excited about getting a intercom system for Wanda and I to use on the Goldwing motorcycle. It is built into the motorcycle but we needed the mic and earphones for the helmets. They are expensive, but Wanda got them for me. Now we won't have to holler at each other.

My wish, and more importantly my prayer, for my birthday is that the next years will be the most productive in my ministry for Jesus. I have asked the Lord to bless Wanda and me as we complete our life's journey and that our children and grands will be blessed.

I am not over the hill. I have found some new mountains to climb and plan on reaching the top.

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  1. Happy birthday Milton, hoper you will have many more. You may just catch up with me. I have one the 10th.