Monday, September 7, 2009


Football season is just about full swing again. My teams, Alabama and the Jaguars, have high hopes. Alabama beat Virginia Tech Saturday night and the Jags play the Colts this coming Sunday. Year after year I have watched football. It is a great game with lots of passion for the players as well as the fans. 

The season will end before you know it and then another one will begin and over and over it goes. So who won the Super Bowl last year anyhow? 

Who was the National Champion in collage last year? 



Oh well, I do like Tim Tebow. 

Does it really matter who wins?

I can't believe I wrote or even inferred whether it mattered or not. Football matters, but not in comparison with eternity. There is only one win that matters and that is in the game of life. To lose at life and miss eternity with God would be the greatest loss.

The good news is that in Christ we win. We win forever. That is the ultimate win! All we have to do is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and we win--forever!

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