Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Norma is still winning our Scrabble game and the letters are running out. It will take some fancy playing with my last few words to make a comeback. Comebacks happen in football, basketball, and the game of life. So, let's see if there is a comeback for me in Scrabble.

What's the score?

Norma 304--Milton 247


Tuesday was a very busy day.

We had a minister's meeting at our church with area Assembly pastors. This is a monthly gathering with current topics of interest presented, prayer, and often a special speaker. This month our Sheriff Rutherford was be present. He is a great christian leader and shared some of the great needs of our city.

Yes, and preachers eat too at preacher meetings. What else is there to serve preachers but chicken and banana pudding? So chicken and banana pudding it was.

Tuesday also included a staff meeting, prayer and devotions, sermon study, hospital visits, many phone calls, planning for up-coming events, and just lots of preacher stuff.

Wanda is in Tallahassee to visit her mother and celebrate her mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Davis. How old now? Oh, I know you aren't supposed to ask a lady her age.

Wanda is also going to see her daughter's son, Alex, play football. He plays on Tuesdays so it is hard for me to get over. Maybe I can make a game yet before the season ends.


So do you think preachers still just work on Sundays? A preacher's calling is a great, fulfilling and very rewarding life. This is what God has called me to do. It is the highest calling. I am humbled and grateful that the Lord has given me the privilege of preaching His Gospel and caring for His people.

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  1. I love you Dad! You are special and you are a good man. You and Wanda have been in my thoughts. I hope you both have a great day!
    --Julie :)