Friday, September 4, 2009


Can I encourage you to offer a cup of cool water to someone in need? Or maybe yogurt?

Earlier this week Wanda and I were visiting  a dear church member in the hospital. We asked if she needed anything and she smiled and said, "They don't have yogurt here and that would be nice." 

It would be impossible to run an errand for every person I visit in the hospital, but quickly I said, "What kind?"  Wanda offered to go with me to get some yogurt.

In a few minutes we returned with yogurt in hand and with a real "feel good" in our hearts. The lady repeatedly said she was just kidding us, but we knew she really needed some and the hospital didn't have any to offer. She was having a hard time keeping food down and the yogurt would help her.

I hope the Lord won't take our reward for telling this publicly as I don't desire to "toot" our horn, but maybe you will see someone today who could use a "cool drink of water" or some yogurt or something else. Offer your help. You will feel better for it.

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