Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Does God speak today in personal words to us? How does God speak? Now I am not going to preach another message, but I do have a point.

Tuesday Wanda was with me most of the day. After going to the church for brief staff meeting, I raced home and took her with me to a funeral. Then we had a quick, but late lunch and headed back to the church for a counseling session I wanted her to help me do. Then we were headed out of the church office to make a hospital visit together as we were caught at the door.

"Can I have a brief moment to speak to you," a long time friend asked?

I responded affirmatively and Wanda joined me and the friend in my study. For several minutes the friend shared and amazingly, point by point, affirmed things God had already put into my heart. It was a God moment for Wanda and me. It was a turning point, a turning moment for the fulfilling of God's will in our lives. 

We know God is at work in our lives, but God confirmed it again. Some might say this was coincidence. Others might just shrug this off altogether. That is OK with me. I know what happened and how God used this very powerful and personal moment.

Yes, God does speak in prophetic words that are personal. God is amazingly loving and good.

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  1. That's awesome that God gave you just what you needed. Of course, you knew in your hearts, but it's always a blessing to have it confirmed. A precious lady that has moved miles away called me yesterday in the church office and encourage me and my husband who is in ministry.
    Wanda has always been in ministry, but this is just a different direction for her. Whom God calls, He equips. Everything she has done up to this point has prepared her for where she is today. I'm encouraged that the best is yet to come in all of our lives for those that serve Him! Amen!