Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here is a vote for a simpler life.

No, I am not going to become hermit, but the older I get the simpler I like things to be. Life has too many noises, interruptions, and confusions. I have made it a point to watch less TV and fewer ball games, and leave off reading the paper.

Church life is hectic and busy and I love it so there isn't much to change there, but I feel a need to pare things down. Can you believe that computers and the Internet actually help clean the clutter. I don't have to lug as many books around as much of my study is done via the Internet. Files drawers are not as thick because now the files are in the computer.

Even the Iphone simplifies life. Instead of multiple calendars, phone books, maps, Bibles, alarm clocks, music Cd's, and on the list goes, I have one simple device that carries all of this and far, far, more.

I recently read an article challenging people to pare down in their clothes and possessions. A pastor in Minnesota challenged his congregation to a "100 Thing Challenge," in which each person would winnow down possessions, sometimes dramatically so, to 100 "things." Some people sorta cheated, calling an entire shoe collection one "thing." It's a start. But when it comes to clothing, we're in the land of plenty, especially seeing as each person really only needs one outfit.

I'm looking for a few more ways to simplify my life.

Got any suggestions?

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  1. Son I relate to the paring down process. I've been rounding up all kind of things to pare down and selling them on ebay. I will try to assist you by paring your inheritance and spending it on your Mother and I. :)
    Love ya,