Monday, September 21, 2009


Norma and I are tied now in Scrabble games won. We are into the third game with me slightly ahead as I write. That could change anytime. Actually I should be far more ahead but the Iphone dictionary with the Scrabble app would not allow me a play a word.

Novate is a real word meaning to make new but it wasn't acceptable as a word by Iphone. That cost me a bunch of points. I would have made almost 60 on that word. I had to play nova instead for much less points. It is only a game. Norma is a great player and someone has to lose. I just hope it is not me. Bragging rights are important.

Oh well, I will novate something else. Mondays are a good day to novate. Make something new today. Novate a friend, dream, or recipe. I am not sure if you can properly novate each of those matters, but it sounded good to me.

Just novate. Get with it and novate today. How is that for learning a new word?

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