Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Why is it that immorality is being pushed upon people under the guise of not being bigoted or biased? How is it that some feel they have a right to determine morality and others do not have that right. Morality choices happen every day in every strata of society. Who gives anyone the "right" to make moral choices?

For centuries of time, mankind of every race and nation has determined moral acceptability or immorality acceptability. Again, judgements are made. You cannot get around it. To not make a moral judgement is actually making a moral judgement.

So why not make good moral judgements.

The homosexual and lesbian community have pulled a really fast one on American society. They have brought us to a point where there immoral behavior is pushed upon us and anyone who cannot accept their immorality is bigoted and biased. So obviously they feel they have the right to make their judgement of deeming anyone not accepting such a lifestyle as "being bigoted".

Now here is my question, "Who gave them the right to judge others." Are they the only one who can "judge others". Are they the only ones who can make moral judgements? What gives them the right to judge others?

My heart aches for the push to make the Boy Scouts of America change their moral codes as they are being bullied and pushed by the liberal gay community and liberal press. Where have the "rights" of the Boy Scouts gone?

Personal liberties and behavioral rights are two separate entities. Society must make and does make judgement on behavioral rights. We don't have the right to behave in any manner we personally chose. For example, one cannot go naked in public or perform lewd acts.  You cannot kill someone or steal. These are deeded unacceptable behavior. Society has made judgements on such behavior. You cannot behave in this manner.

Inalienable rights are not the same as behavior rights.

Skin color, race, or gender are fixed. We are born accordingly, but behavior is chosen and lived out. Thus, society makes and deems certain behavioral choices as acceptable or not. Society makes such choices because it must.

So again, moral choices are made. Why can't the Boy Scouts of America be free to make their moral choices without being bullied, insulted, or call bigoted? Who gave anyone making those accusations the right to accuse and badger the Boy Scouts?

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